Jamaican Flavors

16417 Jamaica Ave, Jamaica
(718) 526-2228

Recent Reviews

Indira Singh

Great patties, and love the ox tail along with my style of deep fried red snapper, don't forget about their bean's and rice ? ? ? ?... love it and them, there lines are long but worth it try to order ahead of getting there...

Stephanie Bleasdille

For that visit.. 3 stars they did not have any I f their overpriced ox tail

Jacqueline Ortiz

Great food fresh food out the kitchen so yes love it and for one person I only spent 10 just me but got different things on my plate I recommend it tastes great

Jazzmine Broadaway

Curry chicken is the BEST in Queens. Always hot and fresh.

Jaese Soto

Great West Indian Food, Small place though. More take out then eat in though they do have a table

Saysayway Saysayway

Always a wonderful experience they work as a team expeditiously . They always on point . The food is fresh & so good. It definitely take you back to Jamaica . They also have this drink Carribean punch ,OMG, AMAZING. Especially when they add some of there Blue raspberry slushy. I always do a dance while paying cause I know my day is going to be much better after my special drink and meal. Thank you again for blessing me. I'll be back again next week. Congratulations again on your new spot.

Gerald Jones

They have the best patties all around no other Pattie comes near jamaican flavors ive been coming to this pattie shop since "1995" so you know its the best pattie shop around queen's they all flavors but my favorite is the curry chicken with cheese with coco bread i usually get three of those one with bread plus its loaded with meat keep up the good work Jamaican flavors ???


Have been to Jamaican Flavors when in NY, but placed order through UBER Eats. I am told it was on time and the food was delicious. The food was not a surprise, everything was spot on and I would not use anyone else in the future. NOT DISAPPOINTED at all!

Dorothea Grant

I loved everything the service was prompt and friendly and the food was very good. Jamaica Flavors has maintained a high standard.

mark naraine

Even tho I love this place I never gonna get beef patties on a Sunday because they give me stale ones

Amanda Lewis

The best beef patties I've ever tested since being here those far but the spicy wings were horrible needs seasoning and more flavor and steamed veg tasted like you just put it in the pot for 2 minutes and took it out back so I'll be back only for the patties and nothing else

james g.

Flavorless Jerk chicken and even sadder goat curry. I guess I have to keep trekking to Brooklyn for my Jamaican fix

Mike G.

Don't eat here. Manager is rude and would not allow me to use a credit card for a $4 purchase even though they were out of all diet sodas. They have a $5 minimum. Guess losing current and future business is worth $1 to them.

Hee H.

Love their spicy beef patties and jerk chicken sandwich. I always enjoy their food. Jerk chicken sandwich is the best!!!!!! Fresh and simple!!

cynth bird lover

Burned my hand and all the ingredients fell out of the patty. Fell all over my shirt. The service was rude and unhelpful too. She kept calling me ‘mama’ and I’m not a mom and felt disrespected because I don’t like that slang word mama. I won’t come back ever. The chicken had no flavor either I wouldn’t know cause everything spilled into the bag.

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