Queens Public Library - Central

89-11 Merrick Blvd, Queens
(718) 990-0700

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Steven Mark

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Hazel Walker

Very very good it's was helpful


Nice library is is always clean, it’s not always crowded and you can instantly find a seat and staff members are always polite

TheRevenger Dreams (TheRevenger)

Very cozy. I am always able to find a seat

Elder Veronica Clark

its not open to the public yet. Just if you come to pick up reserved online books. Kind of sad, this is Central Library so much life once filled the place. Young children, librarians, adults, seniors. people searching for work, reading in the quiet area,eating at the Cafe, just Life interacting. I Miss It!

Nick The Honest Reviewer

I am completely appalled by beverly austins attitude. Someone that works in the HR department should be empathetic and kind. Very bad experiences with her several times! This woman is the complete opposite of nice. she is nasty, rude, and cold but it makes sense coming from someone that works … in Jamaica, queens. Being kind to people over anything any day! If you hate your job then quit.

Laury Laury

I called this place before wasting my time and money to get there. I asked this person if they did printing services and they said YES. When I finally got there it was a NO.Have the right freaking information!!!

Jasmine King

Is this library quiet room open? And if so, what time does it closed?

Raisa Farhin

I have been going to this library forever. The staff are so helpful and the library is so clean. Plus, they have books and resources for everyone. 100% recommend!

Mahmud Officials

Can’t stop to go there. Free internet and city exam book available . They have movies every week to watch. Because of covid that really limited. Police or traffic police exam book available. Bangoli speaking staff available. Free library card. Printing is free.

Doreen Hye

The library is always a pleasure to go there,,,but with the current events its a little difficult.

Shawn F.

Very disappointing.

Public libraries, at least conceptually, are a wonderful resource for the community.  They provide free & open access to information for recreational & research purposes.  They offer a range of media for lending - books, movies & music among them in forms both tangible & intangible.  And they offer a range of programming & events geared at all ages & interests.

And yet there are public libraries that disappoint us in other ways, beyond these surface level offerings.

Take Queens Public Library, which has come under much scrutiny in recent years from their former president & his extravagant spending & "smoking deck," to ignoring ADA compliance in their newly renovated branches, & many other concerning issues with the way they handle their taxpayer funded budget.

Or my recent interaction when I contacted their virtual reference team about a policy issue & while it's something they very easily could have answered themselves, they instead referred me to someone in their Communications Office, who didn't bother to respond at all.  This is not the first time getting information from them has felt like pulling teeth - in fact, it's something I've experienced as a library professional going back almost 2 decades.  In this particular case, it was the sort of information that most libraries would have on their web site, or if not, something they could easily confirm with a quick check of their integrated library system's settings.

As a library, they've always played things close to the vest when it comes to collaboration & information sharing with other libraries, whether they're located in the same city or across the country, which is pretty shameful, given what should be a core part of their mission.

NYC has 2 other library systems - NYPL & Brooklyn & it's easy enough for users to visit their numerous branches.  More often than not, they'd get better service there, I'm sure.


Classic Library & they have “The Quiet Room”.

Noemi Torres

The library website it says is open but it is closed. They do not answer the calls.

Ulquiorra Michaelis

Tried to go yesterday, but it’s still closed and there’s a sign that says it’s temporarily closed. I don’t know why here it says they’re open, because this location is in fact closed for the meanwhile.

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Queens Public Library - Central

89-11 Merrick Blvd, Queens, NY 11432
(718) 990-0700