The Door Restaurant

132-7 Baisley Blvd, Queens
(718) 525-1083

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Latoya S.

I've tried many dishes and have been pleased with them all. My favorite is their oxtail and their escoveitch chicken. The wait for take out can be exhausting but the food is worth it.

Amy Warren


Marsha A.

Its horrible!
Food is a Hit or miss used to be really good they have fell off tremendously not consistent at all. Went up at least 3.00 per entree. For take out They need to show you your plate before you leave..i paid 19.00 for stew fish & veggies i get home i have a ton of rice no veggies after repeating it 2x they give you one nasty dried up plantain .its always a problem evertime i say rhats it i say let me try again
due to convenience NO MORE IM DONE with the door

Tanisha E.

So I'm really saddened to Have to write such a review for one of my favorite restaurants. The Service is usually very well & prior to yesterday's purchase I would have had no complaints . I purchased a fish soup on 1/24/2021 along with my other meals . The soup was not hot upon getting back into my car so when I got home I just ate my meal & placed my soup in the refrigerator for tomorrow's lunch . Upon eating my soup I encountered the most disgusting thing .. A MAGGOT! I literally regurgitated for about 1 hour . I called THE DOOR spoke with The assistant manager D. to inform them of my findings she proceeded to ask what time I purchased and how was my soup stored before today. I understand the need to get to the bottom but first you should have issued an apology, Next You should not assume it was the way it was handled by the customer when I initially told you I purchase the soup less than 24 hours. ITS A FULL BLOWN MAGGOT. My call was then Transferred to Tara . Who first was shocked as was I then issued an apology. I offered to send photographs of the findings and all I was offered was a refund for $5.50 soup or a replacement  . As if my potential health being compromised is worth a mere $5.50 or that I would even be able to digest anything from the restaurant ever again . I expressed how disgusted I feel.  She proceeded to say that was fine . FINE? that should never be fine without trying every Avenue to compensate . That's what offended me the Most & I'm utterly appalled because I cannot stop throwing up just from thinking this was in my mouth or what else I have already ingested . I will never be able to eat at this establishment. I'm saddened that at the end of the day I'm just one less consumer who has actually supported this establishment for years.


Good place eat.

Karen M.

Very long wait for thanksgiving meal...and an even longer wait for Christmas meal. They couldn't find my rum cake and had to wait an extra 45 minutes.
Never going back there. Catering orders should be a breeze...not here. They lack proper planning,distribution and execution of catering orders. Very disappointed. Not worth the aggravation.

Jeff S.

Looking for excellent quality Island food.

This is the place.  

Thru the pandemic, they are doing a fantastic job with taking carryout orders.

As a technology professional, seeing the staff use tablets and other methods of communication to make the ordering and obtaining order was exciting to see.

I recently returned living in NY and my mom along with aunt and cousins frequent here.

The quality and portion size is great.

Bob S.

The food is good, a little overpriced, but the service is horrible. Random chaos, totally  disorganized. Waited over an hour for my food ordered a week before for Christmas.

Kerry D.

Unfortunately, I was a 2020 THANKSGIVING @ THE DOOR VICTIM.  I called The Door on Monday, 11/23 to place my order for Thanksgiving.  I've ordered at The Door for Thanksgiving for the last three years and have never had any major issues worth writing a review about.  Sadly, my Thanksgiving 2020 order at The Door made history in my family & not in a good way.
All my previous orders for our Thanksgiving meal at The Door were placed over the phone and paid for at pick up.  When I did not receive a call back to place my order over the phone as promised, I just chocked that up to Covid-19 business struggles.  So, I placed my order for $700USD worth of food online for my family's Thanksgiving meal and requested delivery for 2pm on Thanksgiving Day and included a $90USD tip on Monday, 11/23.  This was paid for in advance.  When I did not receive a confirmation email after my order was placed, I called The Door to confirm they received my online order.  The representative on the phone told me she sees my order and I will receive a call to confirm the items in my order.  I hung up the phone very pleased and looking forward to our Thanksgiving dinner from The Door.  In fact, I could already taste the food.
2pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm passed and no delivery.  I contemplated going to The Door in person but, since I know The Door's history with extremely busy and crowded pick up for Thanksgiving orders and due to Covid-19, I decided not to put myself at risk. I called numerous times before I got through, only for the call to be disconnected.  When I called back, there was a recorded message stating that The Door was now closed and would open the next morning.  I sent an email and a message on Facebook messenger about my order.
Thank God my hubby asked me to cook oxtail for Thanksgiving because we would have had absolutely nothing prepared to eat for Thanksgiving and would have been scrambling to order from any restaurant or forced to get fast food late in the evening on Thanksgiving Day!!!
After not receiving a call back, no response to my email or Facebook message, I decided to go to The Door in person to find out what happened with my order and to get my money back.  It was Black Friday and I was met with locked doors and had to return home with no answers.  I am deeply disappointed and saddened by how The Door is currently being managed.  I still remember when The Door first opened.  It was a hole in the wall and there was no takeout at that time.  I remember my grandma took me there for the first time.  We were both impressed at how tasty the food was and fortunately, that made up for the ambiance.  It was really nice to watch The Door grow from a hole in the wall to where it is currently.  It was a great source of pride to be a customer that helped to contribute to The Door's success.  It was a pleasure for me to be able to take my friends from out of town and locally, many who have never tasted Jamaican food to The Door because I was confident it would make a good impression about Jamaican cuisine and Jamaican culture.  In addition, ordering from The Door's Thanksgiving menu for Thanksgiving had become a wonderful family tradition.  It breaks my heart that this family tradition has ended abruptly due to The Door's terrible management and customer service.
On December 11th, I received a generic mass text message from The Door apologizing to all customers whose Thanksgiving were ruined.  I think I speak for the many customers whose Thanksgiving were ruined by The Door, that this is not good enough.  Against, my better judgement, I guess because of the good memories I had before Thanksgiving 2020 at The Door, I was willing to give them another chance for Christmas.  So, I called The Door preparing to place a Christmas meal order and asked the representative if The Door was doing anything for the customer's inconvenienced during Thanksgiving besides a text message apology, especially since I never received a call back or a response to my email or Facebook message.  I was told th


So for Thanksgiving this year I decided to order out since I had to work. I placed an order for 8 and set a pickup time for 2pm. got there at 230pm so as to give them time to get everything ready. Boy was I wrong, the lines were around the block. Everything was a mess. Long story short, I did not get my order until 6pm but before that they notify everyone that they had ran out of turkey. I finally got home to realize that the macaroni and cheese was missing, at this point I was too annoyed to even go back The most upsetting part was that they offered no explanation or apologies, I guess they felt no need for that since they already had our money. Rest assure that I won't be doing that again

Shevon S.

Deserves 0 stars if it was possible. Thanksgiving 2020 was pure chaos thanks to The Door and their HORRIBLE service. My Thanksgiving order was booked more than a week in advance for a 2PM pickup on Thanksgiving Day and paid for. I received a call the day before reviewing my order and confirming my 2PM pickup time, so I was expecting a seamless process. Yet, my husband arrived way before 2P on Thanksgiving Day and ended up spending HOURS in a parking lot with massive amounts of people waiting for food. There was no organization at all. Staff was unresponsive to concerns and NOT HELPFUL. No one was answering phones to provide updates. Managers refused to come out and speak with anyone. They said the situation was "too stressful. When he finally got our order, items were missing. He was told that they ran out of food. It seems that once they received payments, they cared less about their customer service. If they can't manage their business, then maybe they should close it


Because of the pandemic I decided to have Thanksgiving at home instead of visiting family. I placed an order for pick up at noon on Thanksgiving Day. The menu included curried goat, brown stew chicken, jerked Turkey, oxtail, rice and peas and steamed vegetables. I arrived at 12:45 pm and waited in a very long line until 3:00 pm. When I finally got inside the restaurant it was pure chaos. Everything was unorganized and very miserable. I finally got my order at 3:30 pm only to discover when I got home that the main dish (Curried Goat) that I was looking forward to having with my husband and guests was MISSING!!!!! I paid approximately $200 for dinner for 5 and told my guests that The Door makes the best curried goat only to be denied the pleasure of having my family and friends experience this on such an auspicious occasion. I’m so DISAPPOINTED that I don’t plan on ever ordering food from this restaurant again. They have lost a devoted customer. Never again!!!!! I’m so hurt ?

A V.

PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Door Ruined my family's thanksgiving!!!!

My family placed an order to The Door On Thursday, November 19, 2020 for a thanksgiving meal to be delivered yesterday. The Door called to confirm this order on Tuesday November 24th. This order was confirmed to be delivered ON Thanksgiving at 3:15 pm.

The time is 4:30 pm, we have not heard from The Door regarding our order and when we called, the line was busy. Naturally the next best thing to do to figure out where our food was, was to go there directly.. What we were greeted with was a huge line of people waiting for food and answers. Approaching the staff proved to be futile as we were only greeted with attitude, and given misdirection. Instead of receiving answers to our questions, we were given a paper invoice and an undisclosed waiting period. Hungry and with patience thin, we decided to go home and continue to wait.

The time is now 5pm and The Door has finally reached out to us, just to inform us that, despite our confirmed order from a week ago, they have run out of Turkey, and needed to make a substitution.. but nonetheless the food is on the way and will be delivered in half an hour.. Despite the news that there would be no Turkey we were thrilled to hear that the food was on the way.


THE FOOD NEVER CAME. 6pm came and went, 7pm came and went, 8pm came and went, 9pm came and went...



My grandmother died in January, and this was the family's first Thanksgiving without her. This was one of her favorite restaurants, and we have been supporting them for years.

We had to eat Kennedy Fried chicken For Thanksgiving because The Door NEVER delivered, and never even cared or showed the decency to tell us our food was NEVER coming.

I will NEVER SUPPORT this business again. I know our family was not the only one to go without our order last night, and it is is despicable to conduct business this way.

After this experience all I would like to see is The Door, have its DOORS shut, for GOOD. You don't treat people this way, and especially not on thanksgiving.

Cedric M.

This place is a f*cking disaster.  Poor execution by a restaurant.  No planning of how to bring out orders in a timely manner.  You guys can't be serious.  People are about to start fighting because they have been waiting 3-4 hours past confirmed times for pickup.  If you read this and order from this place shame on you.

Marlena N.

The worst service EVER!!!!  They ruined hundreds of families Thanksgiving for 2020.  I was suppose to have had my food delivered to my door at 2pm and it never showed.  They took the phone off of the hook so people stopped answering the phone, then I ended up going up to the restaurant only to find the restaurant was FLOODED with upset customers that was in the same position I was in.  This is 5pm mind you.  By this time they have ran out of ham, and turkey which is the main ingredient that you need for thanksgiving and it's no longer available.  I paid for delivery services which I didn't get to utilize and I want my money back.  It's now 5:30 and I'm still waiting meanwhile my family is at home starving.  A round of applause to The Door for ruining Queens' holiday.  Award for worst service goes to The Door

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