V3nom Cafe & Lounge

246-09 Jericho Turnpike, Jamaica
(646) 287-8889

Recent Reviews

Ridwan Ferdous

Hookah 10/10, service 10/10, Music 11/10. This spot has to be part of the top 3 hookah lounges in nyc. They always keep improving in every aspect of their business. Cannot go wrong coming to this spot and if you don’t believe me check it out yourself

Ashley Cantos

I came during the weekend with my boyfriend and it was such a vibeeee. The decor resembles web and the servers are the most Attentive. The hookah was smooth and pulled for the entire time we stayed. They make sure it’s pulling right!!! We tried lychee and mint and it was bomb. They provide board games which was the cutest detail. My boyfriend and I will definitely be back. This shall be our vibe spot now. OH and the milkshakes are A1.

Zabia Choudhury

Great hookah! Great vibes. Music isn’t too loud, the service is amazing. I highlyyyy recommend this place to anyone wanting a nice calm night!

Cassandra Ling

Best hookah I’ve ever had.. highly recommend going. Manager was super knowledgeable and helpful in choosing a flavor. Very unique flavors and amazing lychee bubble tea. Must go!! Super cute theme and ambiance

Faysal Bhuiyan

Very good hookah and food, associated with chiky’s so food was great. Manager checked in on us, was very attentive and amicable. 100% would recommend and come back.

Kerry K

Great hookah & amazing service. Definitely my go to spot. The staff is incredibly friendly & patient. They take their time & go through the flavors with you. I’ve tried most of their recommendations & they never disappoint! I love how chill this place is, it doesn’t get loud or rowdy like some of the other lounges I’ve been too. Definitely would recommend!

Victoria Taylor

What a great place to go to!!! The hookah is great quality, staff is professional and friendly. We were offered to the play board and card games!!! Also, did I mention the hookah was amazing????Highly recommend and will come back for sure!!

chimaine louis

Best hookah bar I’ve to yet and the only one I’ve been to in a while. I’ve tried about 5-6 flavors already and all of them were great. Will definitely be back.

Vicky Lee

Good music. Chill vibes. Attentive & friendly service. Three coals without asking. Strong hookah. This place hits the spot.

Shanchiya Khan

Great place for shisha/hookah. Hands down one of the best hookah lounges in NYC. The flavors are great, the hookah smokes great, and the manager and employees treat you like family/friends. They cater to your every need. Also try their bubble tea and desi chai. Great atmosphere, great hookah great people.

Sheldon Lynch

Exquisite flavors from minty to Fruity. Calm laid back establishment for Hanging out and socializing while enjoying good music and Great Hookah. Great staff, kind and considerate!

Sehrish K.

I came here a few months back and the hookah was good. I liked the list of really unique flavors that they have. Around that time however there was another guy working and he made the hookahs but they were so harsh and it gave me a extreme headache. I went last week and someone else was there and he made the hookahs and omg it was so good!!! So much smoke and did not make me cough once. It was just so smooth. I was so glad I came because I had really such a good time. The only down side is that the kitchen is not opened early but the guy was so nice enough to let us eat outside food. I will definitely come back here whenever I have the chance because it's so much better than the hustle and bustle of Steinway where you can't even get a damn parking spot!

Satish Ram

I like coming here to chill on my down time. Nice place to relax and the hookah is good. I never had a problem here. Staff all seems pretty good to me, they're attentive. I usually rock with Mr. Freeze or Storm.

Saadia N.

I came here looking for a nice lounge to spend my girls night at with some friends but not at such a high cost! Firstly, we spent OVER 40mins waiting for our food. However, our server (Waleed) was nice enough to let us know ahead of time that it would take around 25 mins to which we agreed. But then after 30 mins he came to tell us it would take another 10 mins or so but guaranteed we'd love the food. We just wanted to have a good time so we said ok to that as well. When the food finally arrived it looked good but, no fries or a drink and just a plain sandwich for over $10. On top of that, I thought we were supposed to choose our own level of spicy-ness so we told them we'll take the Sweet n Spicy BBQ but little did we know that they charge extra for that since it said it on the menu under the description of the sandwiches that "choose your level of spice". The sandwiches are EXTREMELY MESSY! If you're dressed up like we were and dont wanna get your hands dirty, DO NOT ORDER THEIR SANDWICHES. We literally couldn't eat any of it because everything was falling out from them (as seen in the picture below). The hookah was good and the spicy chicken sandwich tasted really yummy but the mess was not worth it. The grilled sandwich was raw from inside and tasted like rubber and when we told our server Waleed this, he said that the kitchen was already closed and his hands were tied. When the bill came, it was ridiculous!!! I never knew service fee can be so high and when I asked Waleed he said it was considered "gratuity". I've always given people tip according to what I thought they deserved. However the bill was extremely high and we weren't compensated in any way for the disgusting raw grilled burger that wasn't even edible and had to pay $12.99 WITHOUT TAX OR FRIES OR A DRINK for it. I believe I heard the served talking to the owner on the phone asking them what he can do to help us but I guess the owner didn't care about customers hving bad experiences as long as his bill was paid. Overall, a disappointment to go here please go somewhere else where you wont have to leave with a worry about how you spent more money than you had expected just for 2 hours at a lounge with shitty food and service.

Nancy L.

Amazing,I tell you hookah was good the peppermint tea stole the show I tell you we relaxed ...and played uno I think I might go there today.

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