Zhang's Garden

175-25 Jamaica Ave, Queens
(718) 262-9888

Recent Reviews

Eddie Moon

I agree with the other reviews my first time here and have to say it's really good had the garlic broccoli and cheese wontons and much enjoyed it I will go back at another time.

Nick Hol

Never fails to satisfy! Crispiest chicken nuggets around. Good and fast service! Thank you!

G Romero

This place never fails to impress. They have good food for convenient prices, there are no long waits even when they are packed.

George Montagner

Quick service and good food.

Xzavier Adkins

Finest spot to buy food when in a rush. Their service is swift, rates are reasonable, awesome atmosphere. Will come visit again

Paul Raff

I visit this place a lot since I work close by. I love how their customer service is always fantastic and they keep the place well organized at all times. Prices are reasonable and they serve big portions.

Edward Bryant

This spot is worth a visit. They have big portions for convenient rates. Consistently clean and with fantastic atmosphere. I highly recommend this place.

Drusilla Clemons

The food was fresh, no stale oil taste. Delicious!

Katherine S.

Delicious I had the snow crab legs with corn shrimp and string beans (steamed) it was so delicious I truly loved it. Very juicy and perfect

Dana J.

Love this place! Whenever I go to NYC this I have to order lunch or dinner at least twice during my visit. You pick out your fresh seafood and they steam it for you. Last time I went I order crab legs, fish and mussels and it was delicious. The also have fried seafood. This is more of a carry out place but they do have seats available. Nothing fancy but the food is delicious I always take my food to go. Parking can be hard but once you circle the block a few times you are likely to get a spot. To save time I usually order my food about 20 mins before I get there so it's ready when I arrive.

Ashley H.

I loved this place but the food doesn't even taste the same anymore. The guy who used to do all of the seasoning and steaming is gone. It's obvious he is not coming back because it's been months. They have different people doing the food every single time, and most recently the food just tasted like salty garlic. After years of being a loyal patron I do not think I'll be back-- unless I see the old guy through the window in passing. It's not even packed the way it used to be. Very disappointing.

Joann G.

The food is always fresh, well seasoned and delish. My favorite is the steamed salmon, broccoli, and sweet potato, never disappoints!!

Shantell Duncan

Alway on time food is good

Radme Hossain

Fried dumplings are very good

Christina M.

The Fish Spot- Good, Clean and not to crazy with the price. If you don't know the process when you get in; good luck to you lol.

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