Bar Moga

128 W Houston St, New York
(929) 399-5853

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Susie Su

Good presentation of omurice, the brussel sprouts were good but the duck was a bit too tough to chew on.

Tzvi Wertenteil

Great first date spot. or any date really :) Cocktails are amazing.

Joyce Shi

Always a big fan, one of my top places for Katsu Sando and cocktails in NYC.

Jonathan Ong

Great Japanese casual speakeasy vibe without the pretentiousness. The food is tasty and the drinks are delicious. The service is authentic and look around, it’s where the locals go!

Bill Shen

My new favorite bar in NYC! Extensive whiskey selection, especially from Japan. But more important, the service is friendly AND REALLY knowledgeable about their drinks!

Dillon Zhang

Bar moga is a cute little bar near Greenwich Village. They had a variety of drinks and I ended up going with the Nausicaä. It was well balanced and i found it enjoyable. The star of the meal was the omurice. The soft scramble omelet paired really well with the fried rice and demi-glace sauce. I would highly recommend it.

Jenn T.

We came here after seeing a random Vice Munchies video on FB of Chef at Bar Moga making his famous omurice, and we really wanted to try it! So we walked in on a random Sunday evening. We got in right when it opened and we were lucky to get a seat, since we didn't make reservations. Well we were sat at a table and informed that we had an hour to eat because the next party would be coming in in an hour. Okay challenge accepted! The place felt like a dark and intimate bar of some sort, a bit upscale but nothing too crazy fancy. We ended up ordering the omurice of course, and the kogashi duck roast. Both were very delicious! I love that the Chef came out to cut the egg and pour the sauce on top of the omurice. It was a neat experience.

Michael Smith

Delicious food, creative drinks. Was shocked by how good it was.

Edward W.

Our group of 3 walked in a random Sunday night and scored some seats on a high table. Cocktails Dancing Crane - warm drink, warm tea All the dishes were fantastic for sharing katsu sando - this was okay, probably my least favorite dish here. Comes in 6 pieces omu rice - this was done incredibly well and I would recommend everyone to try it. Sauce wasn't too sweet and the rice was flavorable moga garlic rice - might be a lot as a single entree but fantastic for sharing. Really enjoyed the shiso that was shredded on top curry doria - very different from a traditional Japanese curry. It almost reminds me of like French onion soup for how incredibly cheesy

Henry Zhou

Omurice and the Koucha Pannacottini were amazing. Must get.

Cindy F.

Famous for its omurice, we decided to give it a try! Once we arrive we saw people ordering kani croquette and katsu sando. We ended up getting all three but agreed that omurice was most worth. The katsu sando was decent but the bread to meat ratio was off (a little bit too much meat actually and the bread got soggy). For omurice, the sauce to rice ratio was quite good so a very delicious dish. The place seems to be also quite popular for drinks so would love to try again! PRO TIP: 1. Outside dining may be high bar and the tables quite small so I would try for indoor dining

Leon Lin

Tried one of the cocktails with peach liqueur (think it was a creme de pêche) and thought it was good. Not quite my taste as was a bit stronger than expected, but think most ppl would like the tropical fruit forward, boozy, cold, citrus drink.Had the carpaccio which tasted great but small portion.Average price for manhattan bar

Ava Z.

My three friends and I decided to venture to Bar Moga for a Sunday dinner, and we are so happy we found this spot! We originally intended to grab a bite or two, but ended up ordering most of the menu (hard to resist!). We ordered a couple of cocktails that were all delicious, but the winner was the Me Diary by far. It was like nothing I've had before-- if you like tea, I'd definitely recommend it. As far as the dishes, we ordered the garlic fried rice, the croquettes, the vegetable ramen, the omu rice, and the seafood gratin. The two dishes I would say are an absolute must are the Kani Cream Croquettes and the Kari Kari Vegetable Ramen. The croquettes were perfectly crispy on the outside, and creamy and flavorful on the inside. The ramen was an explosion of flavors and had a creamy tonkotsu-like broth that was uniquely achieved by soy milk and had a nice kick. I would pass on the Omu Rice, we ordered it because we were tempted to try it but it wasn't as special as we expected. However, each dish was beautifully presented and came out quickly. The service was efficient as well. One thing we all loved was the decor. There are interesting and beautiful pieces of Japanese artwork lining the walls, and the faux fireplace in the back room gave a very homey feel. The lighting is dark and intimate, and there are cozy booths along the walls as well. Overall, we loved Bar Moga and will definitely be back!

Melissa M.

Beautiful and delicious cocktails with interesting mix of ingredients. Love the infusion of yuzu and tea flavors in a number of drinks. Didn't really go for the food but their omurice and otsumami uni toast were both quite good (the latter especially).


Great drinks! House made vermouth , friendly bar tenders!

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