140 Delancey St, New York
(212) 777-2003

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Ana K.

Second time I receive a drink with spoiled milk. SECOND TIME! The first time I figured simple mistake. A second time? The employees are not looking at expiration dates and risking the health of their customers. Will not be buying again from this location!

Dieter Schultex

what an excellent find, this ice cream was amazing. we went to a wedding at yamashiro which was nice and looked for a dessert place close by, this definitely hit the spot. a must try.

Muqtader B.

The bagel was burnt and cold at the same time. They don't know how to use the oven. The muffin was gummy-ish on the inside (not fully cooked), and dry! Now you know.

Eve L.

Came on a Saturday earlier this month. Only one employee was wearing a mask; the other two male employees were not. We're in the middle of a pandemic and I haven't witnessed this kind of behavior at other locations.

Stardasia D.

The area of this pace is really great, as it's across from a high school; and it's very convenient to buy things from it, as well as the price is affordable. Even if you're not a big coffee drinker, there are tons of other drinks (and even food ie. doubts and hash browns). Staff are so also friendly and welcoming.

Karena M.

I really cant stand this location as of recently. I was a regular customer here (have the app. Got a ton of rewards. Absolute DD fiend for a WHILE). I would usually order my items ahead of time with the app JUST TO AVOID having to deal with the staff. No one is friendly. No one is personable. No one greets you. It's really annoying. The lady who makes the food in the back (most of the days shes working in the morning time) is RUDE AF!!! The last time I walked into this place it was 9pm. There were a bunch of homeless men sitting in front. NO STAFF MEMBERS WERE ON THE MAIN FLOOR. I literally went behind the swinging counter before a guy appeared from up stairs. He seemed extremely annoyed and bothered by my presence. So I definitely poked his buttons by letting him know that I was SO surprised it took someone 5mins to come up here while the entire store front is unsupervised and a few homeless men are sitting inside the front of the store. He just ignored me and pretended I didnt exist. He spoke not ONE word to me. If it wasnt for the fact that my daughter wanted icecream - I wouldn't of waited or dealt with the attitude. You can no longer walk into this place without a homeless person harassing you for cash. They come inside the store while your trying to order your meals. The staff and there unprofessionalism doesnt help either. Long story short: I've started making coffee at HOME. It tastes alot better, it's healthier for me and is a hell of alot cheaper....

Jake Cronin

Mediocre ice cream, dirty ambience, and rude staff. The server yelled at me for getting three samples of flavors which is a fairly standard number of samples at most ice cream shops. We were also the only two people in the store, so there was no concern of us holding up a line. Would not recommend, will not go again.

N J.

There were a total of FIVE donuts in the entire shop at 6pm on a weekday. I asked if more were coming from the oven and I was told no. I just don't get it. Are they afraid of waste? I plan to contact the corporate office about this branch because this is ridiculous!

Bridgette V.

This morning I ordered in the drive thru a big order and to my surprise Brenda was there. I only said it one time and Brenda got it right away- no mistakes, no miscommunication- absolutely perfect as always. My favorite Dunkin' on the island.

Evangeline Y.

Horrible staffs in the store. Zero customer service and give their customers dirty looks. Listen, if you don't like what you do please resign from your job. Everyone that works at this store always has a pissed look on their face. I will not order from this place ever again.

David Q.

This place just sucks. The latte machine hardly ever works, it's full even at 2AM with people causing problems and the police come often. There's no other Dunkin Donuts open late night for miles. There's always something broken, like the roof and there are buckets catching the rain water when it rains. Even if you decide to just get a plain old boring cup of coffee, again because the "new" latte machine is broken, hopefully it came out perfect because there's never any sugar packets around-or even napkins for that matter. The guys working there try but they don't have what they need to make the place work....I stopped checking at this point to see if the machine works because it's been broken on and off for weeks now-but mostly off. There's a 7 Eleven a few doors down if you like that but I just make my own latte before I go to work now. Better off going somewhere else.

Iris Ramirez

It was good but they could cut bagel

Gabriel Colon Mangin

Said my coupon was fake when I had a print and a email.

Tina M.

Ordered three medium chai tea's and all cups were half filled! I should've saved my money and just ordered small sizes instead,

Michael S.

I have no problems with the crew during weekdays...Bill is the Best!!! But the crew on the weekends...COMPLETE OPPOSITE!!! Cant get a light and sweet coffee right for the life of them... Also...Whats up with not getting napkins or throwing the cellophane in the bag after they get your donuts?????

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