Fabio Cucina Italiana

214 E 52nd St, New York
(212) 688-5200

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Food was nothing special but the place was very aesthetically pleasing


A little difficult to find but a good experience. I would return..


Food was delicious, service was great and the drinks were amazing as well! The place is small but cozy and super cute !

opentable dinner

The ambiance was everything the food and cocktails were amazing, definitely recommend this restaurant.


What a delicious meal! The food and drinks were amazing at Frida. Came for dinner with some friends mid-week. Our server was great and the bartender was awesome. Will definately be going back!

opentable dinner

Great dining experience at Frida! Food and service were delicious, cocktails were interesting and very balanced. Can’t wait to come back!

William Weddington

Fabulous but need to widen their music beyond repeating Frank Sinatra.

Cherie D.

Frida Midtown is great. More than anything, Frida Midtown has an incredible vibe. They have a wonderful menu as well. I certainly liked the service too, they are really courteous and accommodating. Frida Midtown - Thoroughly impressed.


Food was great and service was fantastic , very nice meal

Richard Mcdonnell

Very poor quality food. Ordered the steak and salmon. Ordered the steak medium rare and it came rare and dry. Didn't even eat it. The salmon was basically just the skin folded in half to make it appear as a solid piece of salmon. Truffle fries soggy and not even truffle fries. Just fries with a tint of truffle flavor. OH and the worst part, they gave us wonder bread. Yes wonder bread, instead of actual italian bread. Not only was it wonder bread. It was the last piece of the loaf ? the piece no one eats and just throws out.Would not recommend. Not going back.


We had booked a table and we were offered the table immediately because the place was practically empty. Menu that offers a good amount of Italian food, with prices that at first glance seem reasonable, for a city like New York. The waiters, despite the place having only one other table with customers apart from ours, took several minutes to realize that we were ready to order. The food arrived quite quickly, which is not really a good sign ... During the meal, we were disturbed by a strong smell of cigarette smoke, which probably came from the terrace they have in front of the place. We pointed this out to the waiter, who simply told us that the entrance door had to remain open and that there was nothing he could do about it. The surprise comes with the bill, more than $ 150 for 3 persons, without wine. Thinking back and doing the math, the sum of all the dishes certainly does not reach that price, so we suppose that the place gets a good tip that cannot be removed from the final bill. In general, the food is good, but not that good, more or less Italian food, not as the name of the restaurant indicates, and a price that sounds like a half scam to me. Good restaurant, but you can find better in a city like New York.

opentable dinner

MENU IS NOT UPDATED - everything was ~$8 more than advertised, be warned.


I’ve eaten here at least 10 times. The service was a bit off but I know everyone is having trouble finding help. I think they were the best local place in the neighborhood.


The service was so slow. They only had one server for the entire restaurant. Everything took unnecessarily long.

Priscilla L.

Service was great, food was OK. Don't order the crème brûlée it's just awful, the worst I ever had. Completely eggy and huge, the only good thing about it were the fresh strawberries, everything else was below par. On the other hand appetizers were great, the entrée was good in size however the mushrooms and artichokes tasted like they were out of a can, had that chemical taste of either can or jar definitely not fresh, surely had preservatives that I'm not a fan of because I can taste them right away.

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