Fish Cheeks

55 Bond St, New York
(212) 677-2223

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Jack Chau

Perhaps the best Thai restaurant in NYC! Everything was meticulous and super flavorful. Even with the hostess being slow and unprofessional, I HAVE to give this restaurant five stars. Came here on a Sunday evening, turns out they still had happy hour (it's all week from 5pm -7pm; oysters, beers , cocktails). Got the oysters, crab curry, steamed fish, and morning glory. Everything was AH-MAZING! The extra bonus? Their mango sticky rice was REALLY good! But please skip the other desserts, they were way too sweet.

Elkay J

Food is shared family style which I liked. Food tasted great , all the dishes we got were great .Service staff was friendly. Would definitely be coming back to try new dishes.

Kate wu

This place has the BEST STEAM FISH! It's better than having it in Thailand bc it's de-boned. I love the lime sauce. It's not too sour, it's ADDICTIVE! I thought I was full but the sauce opens up my appetite and we finished the fish and the sauce in no time.The $1 oyster during happy hour was good too bc the green sauce it came with was so refreshing. It's so different than the usual horseradish and cocktail sauce. Also they take time to clean your oysters so you can have a peace of mind that you're not eating broken shells or sand.The wings is also a MUST TRY bc it has unique flavor of spicy, salty, sour, and crispy all in 1 bite.Although the crab curry was a fan favorite and highly recommended, we feel the complexity of the flavor is not as unique as the stream fish and wings and it is pricey for $30.I'm definitely coming back for the steam fish, wings, and oysters . Maybe will try the morning glory next time.

Lee Antoine-Gostischa

Excellent customer service, amazing food(very tasty), however basic necessities (as voiced by the owner ) it’s 50000 to installed a bathroom so therefore 375 customers have to wait for one bathroom, unacceptable. My favorite was the spices for the oysters, I recommend everyone to try, it’s delicious! Overall a decent place just a buzz killer for the long wait for the one bathroom :(

spice girl

This place is amazing. The food, the service absolutely 5 star. Will definitely eat at this restaurant again

Sarah M

Fish cheeks is hands down one of the best Thai restaurants I've been to. From the chicken wings, wow, cooked to perfection! To the fish salad and the glass noodles--simple but flavorful and memorable. I would highly recommend!


The food here is excellent. Fish cheeks has a great menu full of great food. It was hard to select one thing. The service was pretty good as well. It's a very popular and bust spot, it'd probably be good to make a reservation especially if you want to sit outside.

Haley Read

Fish forward menu with authentic Thai flavors. Hard to go wrong with any item on the menu but my favorites were the branzino, crab fried rice, mushroom salad and green curry. The spicy mango cocktail… ?

Marie La Rue

Flavorful Thai cuisine. Enjoyed Corn salad, Veggie green curry and Crab curry. The latter was a lot spicier than we expected!

Kara Fung

Service was great, everyone’s super friendly. We had a reservation for a large party and they had everything set up and ready for us and were super accommodating. Not to mention, their food was absolutely delicious! Drinks were great! Cute Outdoor dining set up and nice ambiance inside as well. We all had a great time and enjoyed everything. Will definitely be back again! :)

Victoria T.

LOVED Fish Cheeks! Came for the first time on a Friday at 5, right when they opened, since we didn't make a reservation in time. We were able to get a table outside. Their outdoor dining setup is super cute, and very spacious. I like how the street was closed down. We ordered the crab fried rice, that day's ceviche special, pakboong fai dang, rainbow trout pad cha, and yum hed yaang. It was all AMAZING, there are no words for how amazing this dinner was. I loved the sauces that came with the fried rice, and the ceviche was so fresh. It was a bit expensive, but I say it was completely worth it. I've never had thai food this good before. I would 100% recommend you come to eat at Fish Cheeks.

Sean L.

Delicious Thai flavors and seafood! I've returned so many times, and everything I've tried on their menu is well-executed. My favorites are the zabb wings, grilled pork cheeks, and prawn karee. Find a group of friends to spend a night here, you'll be able to explore more of their incredible menu. Their cocktails are delicious too!

MEGA_ nem

Totally recommend! The whole concept! The food is really astonishing. Full of flavors. Well executed. An escape, an evasion, trying new flavors and taste. Of course the curry was the fan's favorite and can understand why. But we also ordered the shrimp karee, the mushroom appetizer, the zabb wings, the pork cheeks... and two desserts. Everything tasted authentic and different. A meal you eat and talk about and you are so happy with it you have to share about it. Perfect! Great! Wonderful.The cocktails are also a highlight. You can let yourself try their own martini or their version of the margarita. Every single thing on the menu is a 10/10Also big applause to kate the bartender. She is of great advices and look after the people.Totally, recommend the warmth, the energy and all the labor put into that place

Hunter Share

This place was AWESOME! We hit up happy hour and was able to get 6 oysters for CHEAP, a couple martinis and some of the best Thai flavors I’ve had in NYC. Highly recommend!

Lola G.

The name of the store says it all: get the steamed fish and the pork cheeks. My god the pork cheeks. Life-changing experience. We nearly cried when we ran out. We ordered THREE servings and it wasn't enough. We could have ordered the pork cheek appetizer as the main course. If you come here, definitely order both.

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