Olio e Piú

3 Greenwich Ave, New York
(212) 243-6546

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opentable dinner

Cozy place with delicious food and great ambiance. Never disappoints!


My wife and I dropped in on a walk from Downtown back to Times Square fort a late lunch. The ambience is great. I ordered the spaghetti alla carbonara, which was great. The pasta was fresh and the dish was full of flavour. My wife ordered the tartare di salmone, which was also fresh and set off with a lovely pesto. We finished with an espresso and tiramisu. Delicious. All in all an enjoyable stop for a late afternoon lunch.


Wait staff was great.


Excellent service, great food!


Somehow I felt like this restaurant was the epitome of dining in New York. It was nighttime when we went, but it was bustling, the subway runs right underneath the restaurant, it was loud and hectic and crazy. Paradoxically, it still felt comfortable and personal. The service was excellent, and the food was amazing. My husband and I are kind of foodies and have been to more restaurants than I can count in our month in New York, and the food here has far and away been our favourite. I had the tagliatelle bolognese, which was lovely, but both of our favourites was my husbands dish, the paccheri nero; it was fantastic and very different from anything we’ve had before, I highly recommend. I’ll also mention the Olio’s old fashioned and mango tango cocktails. Both were excellent at being their own things, I was glad to have tried both.


A+ food and drinks, F- for the horrible bathroom situation. Two toilets for the entire restaurant and one went down mid-meal. This resulted in very awkward waits for the toilet and a line that never ended. Servers could be nicer s and know the menu and wine list a bit better. Very loud, very close to your neighbors. Poor and inconsistent covid vaccine checking.

opentable dinner

Best strawberry drink I’ve ever had!


The food was great - especially the carbonara which is a specialty. Service was also outstanding. One of the best Italian restaurants in the area - we’ll be back!

opentable dinner

Wonderful ambience and food!

Yulia McCutcheon

Good atmosphere and food. Wasn’t a huge fan of pizza - cheese was too chunky and not melted.


My absolute favorite place. Will go time and time again

Vignesh Theetharappan

I’ve seen a lot of my friends have dinner here at Olio so I was eager to check it out. When I first arrived, I was a little alarmed by how crowded and congested it was on a Monday night especially. It was difficult just to get to my table and get seated. I couldn’t even get up without bumping the chair of the person next to me. Next time, I’d want to sit indoors because I wasn’t a fan of sitting outdoors by the street- it smelled pretty bad at times. Aside from that, this restaurant does have an elegant vibe to it.The food was of great quality. I ordered the spaghetti chittara and they were able to modify it so that it didn’t have any meat. I was expecting the portion size to be small like most fancy places, but I was surprisingly full and satisfied after this meal. It was extremely tasty and the service was pretty fast too. I’d put olio on my top 10 list of Italian restaurants in NYC.


We were probably the oldest couple in the restaurant. Definitely a meeting place for the 20-40 year olds. Very noisy plus the subway runs underneath the building and every time it passes everything shakes. Looked like “the youngsters” were enjoying themselves. Glad they found a nice meeting spot. Not for us!


Wait staff are excellent!

opentable dinner

Todo perfecto solo un olor de repente a basura cuando te sientas afuera llega

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