Pisillo Italian Panini

97 Nassau St, New York
(212) 227-3104

Recent Reviews

Lauren Groza

Incredible !!! Exactly what I needed . Super quick, and very nice staff. So fresh and delicious !!

Ali Tarr

THE best, most authentic Italian sandwich you will get!!! I wish I could give it more than 5 stars!

Carlos Correia

The place is simple but authentic. Sandwiches are ok. I expected more considering the comments.

Darlene Jordan-Clark

1st of all their hero is Huge, it was a complete meal with fixings for 3 ppl. and it is WORTH the cost. the bread OMG I can eat that ALONE with butter( they don't serve it that way, ijs oh SO GOOD).... YOU NEED TO CHECK IT OUT FOR YOURSELF, I'm in love and I always try to impress people with this sandwich as if I made it and should get credit for (credit for introducing them really, sort of like ummm look what I got you want some)

Brian G.

Great spot for a fast and delicious panini! We were expecting warm toasted paninis, but soon realized that Pisillo only serves cold- to preserve the taste of the imported meats and cheeses. Loved them!

Maritza N.

Amazing panini!! So so fresh and they are huuuuuuge! Honestly 2-3 people can eat from one easily! We ordered #32 which has mortadella and OMG so good. Don't hesitate to come, the owners are so friendly that makes the experience even better.

Antonio Simonetta

Grande Pisillo i panini più buoni di NY.

Anthony T.

Best Italian sandwiches you will ever try! Local business with friendly staff and great food!

Heather Watson

Only six barstools. Food is great. One sandwich easily feeds 2-3.


Really fantastic panini shop off the main streets but certainly worth the search. Spectacular bread that is filled with the finest meats, cheeses, and marinated peppers and onions. The place has some amazing panini's and choice. Loved the ham and chicken panini. Must try and ask for hot sauce.

Annie Vu

Cash only. The sandwich is around $16 including tax and big enough for 2 solid meals. Ingredients are fresh and you can taste the quality of the olive oil. The line wasn't bad at all around 12:30. There's two small tables inside. Friendly service at the counter. The Euro-disco playing over the speakers is gold ? Come here and don't waste your money at Subway.

Daniel Pino

**Ordered takeout during COVID pandemicLayout/atmosphere*Small sandwich shopService*FastFood/drink*#26 Pisillo (Parma ham, porchetta, buffalo mozzarella, roasted peppers, arugula, balsamic dressing) - good; large portion; fresh mozzarella

Mark Milar

This place is a real Italian restaurant. The food is amazing and they treat you like a king

Michelle M.

I was embarrassed walking down the street eating this. Not because it's not super delicious, because it is...but because it looked like I was eating a grown man's arm. This sandwich is massive. Come with hungry friends. P.S. I ate the entire arm myself. Not my proudest moment.

Sean Gentry

Holy cow the sandwiches in this place are incredible. First off, it's the size of my forearm. I don't know how anyone could eat one sandwich alone, for me it took three tries. High quality ingredients across the board. Just be prepared when you enter, it's very busy and the folks there need to get people through fast.

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