Pronto Pizza

141 Fulton St, New York
(212) 732-4131

Recent Reviews

Grant Depenthal

Love this place super good ♡

Brandon B.

This place is so unbelievably ass it's ridiculous. I got two slices once just because Joe's was popping that day, two slices for 8 fucking dollars and some change. One was just a cheese slice and the other was chicken with ranch. Shit tasted like it was sitting there for decades. Never again


The work of Maiden Painter Two Bridges astounded me. I couldn’t believe how considerate these guys are. They charged me a reasonable price. I would never hesitate to give five stars for their fabulous job! Friendly staff and great service!!

Joyce Clark

Great location for delicious pizza. Food was so yummy. The staff was very friendly and attentive. The bill was reasonable I would say.

audrey mendez

We shared a pizza, and it was absolutely divine! I don't usually like to pay too much for pizza, but I have to make an exception because it is completely worth it.

Anthony Raymond

The place offers a vast range of fresh food. I liked dining here. Staff members are always very kind, pricing is fair and the place is always clean.

Jamie B.

Out of every place in Manhattan two slices of pizza and a soda $11 oh my God the most expensive Pizzeria that I've ever been to and the pizza sucks


Walked past Pronto pizza and saw lots of locals in there so I thought must be good and it didn't disappoint we had lunch there twice great choices everything we had was great hope to return to New York one day and have a slice or two again.

U Sowerby

I was out with my daughter doing a little sightseeing while she was between classes at BMCC. Pronto was "fast" and pricey, but good. Especially, the salad from the back.

Matthew Robb

I ordered the 2 cheese slice special. It was the most bland pizza that I've ever had. The grease just comes rolling off the cheese too. I get that pizza has grease but that's ridiculous. Their margherita slice and lasagna are really good but I wouldn't recommend anything else really.


Good fast service, affordable prices and the pizza is really good. I ordered the special: 2 big slices of cheese pizza and a soda for $6.00. Great deal

Gulab Vasan

Very unique pizza place ... forget those big brands and try this place ?

Danny V.

Pizzas okay, the friendliness of the staff and the fact that - that young guy working there keeps it clean makes it a great place to eat...

Huey Bennett

Love the lunch special! 2 slice and a drink for $6 (near Fulton St. Manhattan, NY).... The pizza quality is amazing! Definitely will save your stomach and your wallet! Lol

Roshon Martin

Ordered a sausage slice and there was absolutely no sausage on the damn slice ... Outraged .... Never will come back.. I posted my picture of the slice... Nobody is wearing gloves handling the pizza as well...

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