342 E 6th St, New York
(212) 228-1324

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Samantha Wong

One of the best and freshest udon shops in NYC!

Sabrina C

Pretty good noodles, the chicken appetizers were great

Daniela L.

If you're in the mood for udon, Raku is the place to go. Everything my friend and I ate was packed with flavor, and with so many noodle varieties to choose from, repeat trips are completely warranted. The restaurant is crowded during peak dinner hours, so I'd recommend making a reservation if possible. We started with the spicy cucumber and agedashi tofu. The addition of jalapeño to the Persian cucumbers gave it an extra kick, while the cilantro contributed a tanginess. The deep fried tofu was perfectly crispy, and the scallion enhanced its taste. As I mentioned, there are a ton of udon bowls to choose from, including a bunch of vegetarian and vegan items. I found myself staring at the menu for a while trying to pick just one. In the end, I decided on the yasai kakiage, a hot udon option; the noodles were relatively plain, but it came with a generous portion of vegetable tempura: strips of fried onion, burdock root, carrot, green pepper, and eggplant were piled onto the plate. They were crispy and a great pairing for the udon, but many pieces contained an excessive amount of batter, so the vegetables lost their taste. For dessert, we shared the green tea tiramisu, which was served in a cute jar. The layers of mascarpone, green tea sponge cake, and rice puffs weren't just visually apparent - the different flavors and textures were discernible with each and every spoonful. The next time we want outstanding udon, my friend and I are heading straight to Raku.

Tiffany B.

Oh my god. I trekked here in 90 degree weather to have a bowl of their hot tan tan udon and I have no regrets. Raku's udon noodles are SO GOOD! The texture was so chewy and was honestly the noodles of my dreams. PSA: they are cash only but they do have an atm.

Johnny H

Nice place to get some real Japanese udon. The udon noodles seems freshly made and the taste is great. The fried chicken and katsu don was also very delicious. The seating is not that much inside but they added outdoor dining with many more seats

Samantha L.

Best food I had on my week long NYC trip. Got cold udon for lunch and it was not only delicious but also refreshing during the hot day. Fried tofu was also delicious. One downside was that the Mackerel sushi was not available during lunchtime, which we did not know at the time. Will definitely come back on my next trip to try the mackerel!

Tasnuva Liu (Nova)

I was craving udon and thought it was pretty good. We got agedashi tofu, a cold udon dish, and a hot udon soup. I hadn't tried cold udon before and it was... Interesting. It wasn't bad, just different and took some getting used to. The agedashi tofu came with quite a few pieces and was really tasty. The hot udon soup with beef was fairly average. The udon noodles themselves were sort of chewy. The beef was flavorful while the broth was very mild.


their cold udon is definitely a must have during this summer heat.

Joseph C.

This is the second time I've been to Raku, but my first time at this location! Though the location may be different and it was my first time eating outdoors at Raku due to COVID restrictions, the udon was still top-notch. I tried the gyunan udon, which was recommended by the staff, as it was a more traditional Japanese udon. The gyunan udon has washugyu beef and Tokyo negi (similar to a scallion). The best way for me to describe the dish is refreshing. If you're looking for something light and filling, the gyunan udon may be the one for you as opposed to some of the other options with creamier broths. The gyunan udon provides a good balance of carbs, veggies, and protein while still providing lots of flavor at the same time. The broth was excellent and full of umami, as it was made with a shoyu base, which means that soy sauce is providing a lot of savory goodness. The udon noodles were perfect, as they were springy and chewy as I slurped them down. They are definitely much more firm than the pre-made udon noodles I get at a supermarket, which are usually softer and soggier. However, I prefer having these firmer noodles, as they make for good mouth feel. The washugyu beef was quite lean and though there's not much fat, it wasn't tough or dry at all. In fact, as it soaks in the flavors of the broth, the beef tastes even better. On the other hand, the Tokyo negi provides a good crunch and a hint of sweetness to balance out all of the salt from the broth. Overall, despite the gyunan udon being a simple dish, each component works with the others in perfect harmony, so that no ingredient overpowers another. Raku does a wonderful job with its udon dishes and its excellence is still unmatched despite there being a pandemic. If you're looking for some more traditional Japanese dishes, Raku is a great entry point as it provides a variety of different udon dishes while still keeping up on the quality.

Shelley P.

The BEST udon I've ever had in my entire life. (I got the niku udon) First of all, the noodles - can we just talk about them?! They're a uniquely wider and flatter shape than usual, and so much more chewy. Like halfway to boba consistency chewy. Mind is confused in the best way. Second, the broth. Real robust beef flavor, slightly sweet. Not heavy at all. Third, the toppings. It's a huge bowl already but they sure have a heavy hand with the short rib beef and honeycomb tripe, which I'm not complaining about! It seemed never ending. The thick chunks of meat were so tender they almost fell apart in my mouth, and the tripe was almost collagen/tendon-like in texture which I loved. Eating this bowl of udon felt like being slowly enveloped in a warm, loving hug.. (PS the check comes with two lil frozen grapes!! So cute)

Devon C.

Love Raku! I came here when it was cold and rainy, and Raku was the perfect answer to the weather. The Udon is absolutely phenomenal. The noodles are perfect and the broth is delicious. Their chicken appetizer was also very good. Highly recommend to anyone who is a fan of warm noodle meals.

Joshua Yuan

Got seated for 2 pretty quickly outdoors. Food came out with pretty good timing. The tofu, hijiki, and ohitashi were both delicious. The tempura however was the best. It was so crispy on the outside and the shrimp was soft on the inside and I loved dipping it in the udon soup. The noodles were so thick and chewy I could tell that this was super special. To top it off we had the green tea tiramisu which was actually delicious.They are cash only but there is an ATM inside the store.Would definitely return!

Elaine M.

Raku is one of my favorite udon places. There are two locations, and I think both are relatively similar in terms of wait time. Definitely try to either make a reservation (I think they started taking them during COVID, but I'm not sure if they're getting rid of them) or show up around 15-20 minutes earlier to put your name down during the dinner rush. I always get the Wakame udon, which I love since it's light yet refreshing. The broth base is so good and the udon noodles are made to a perfectly tender but chewy texture.

Bianca L.

So. chewy. That's the review. I wanted to just leave it at that but Yelp wouldn't let me. I've never had udon like this before and I was completely blown away by how springy and chewy they were. idk if the noodles are made in-house, but they sure tasted and felt like they were. The Niku ramen had some of the best honeycomb tripe I've ever had, and each bowl is well worth the money. I happened to come on a rainy day, and this bowl of udon just hit different.

Peter Centner

Raku serves up generous portions of delicious noodles, alongside a host of tasty appetizers. I ordered the gyoza and the chicken tatsuta-age (a marinated, deep fried chicken) which were both excellent along with the tantan hot udon. The noodles have a lovely texture and the broth was spicy and deeply flavorful. I’d highly recommend Raku if you’re looking for a great bowl of noodles!

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