227 Malcolm X Blvd, New York
(646) 928-4870

Recent Reviews

Ivan Butina

Excellent pizza with ingredients full of flavor; you can taste the nuances. For the beer lovers, there’s a good selection of Italian artisanal beers.

Arielle S.

One of my new favorite restaurants!! I'm gluten free and honestly this is the best GF pizza I've ever had. I keep telling myself I won't eat a whole pie by myself and failed at that multiple times. Also the staff is great and make you feel very welcomed

Aida A.

Pizza is good (and that's really all they have). Service was better than I remembered. Great spot to end the night and great toppings!

Manuel Heddache

Good brick oven style pizza. Everyone is Italian making it a more authentic ambiance. All pizzas were delicious. Even the desserts were kicked clean. Little bit pricey but what isn't these days.

Jose Torres

My third visit to Sottocasa Harlem, never disappoints. I’m on a mission to try every pizza on the menu. My wife has Celiac (gluten sensitivity) which makes it difficult to find pizza options and this restaurant far exceeded our expectations. The food and drinks are amazing, and the service exceptional. I felt like home, if home were a little spot in Italy.

Nadine Nelson

Delicious pizza and service. Will definitely be back and it was kid friendly. Loved the variety and the ability to meet everyone’s dietary needs. Lovely selection of libations too.

Lani Shepard

The menu variety has simple fresh ingredients, and the Italian beer was fantastic. Sottocasa is located in a brownstone ground floor with outdoor seating. The restaurant was quite busy, yet friendly and attentive service. It's near the 2 and 3 subway line in Central Harlem.

Sonali K.

Loved the authenticity of this pizza! It reminded me of some of my favorite Neapolitan pizza places back in Chicago and came close to the pizza we had in Rome. The ambiance is romantic, but also family-friendly. The service was great. I wish I lived closer so I could come here more often!

Khari Climes

Located about a 2-3 min walk from the 125th street and Lenox Avenue subway station. Small and authentic Italian spot. VERY good customer service and delicious food.

Jason C.

Such a hidden treasure this place is.I must say upon entering I instantly loved the functuay of this cute Italian spot. It feels comfortable, alive and very Lowkey. Once seated I was instantly greeted by a waiter (which I love) and instantly had menus. For my appetizer my table ordered the "Tagliere" which is a cute name for Italian cheeses and sorted Italian meats Lol I Must say, the dish was incredibly fresh and honestly filling. For my main I ordered the "Radicchio" pizza. Now, this was very mixed. As much as I loved the Italian sausages, I was torn by the overpowering balsamic dressing and felt flat that the pizza wasn't as "white" as hoped for. Overall, i definitely would come again and try out the other styles of traditional Italian pizzas.

Beverly Adade

Best service ever! Best price! Worth it and I honestly don't write reviews.My friend and I basically had a 3 course meal that was tasty, great service and at a good price.This will be one of my go to spots in Harlem. Definitely check it out! Worth it!

Bruce Aitken

Just the best place for pizza, tiramisu, coffee, prosecco etc. And the staff are super friendly. Love this place... Thank you!

John Bingham

Delicious, amazing customer service. Will definitely return

Munna Dhabak

Good vibes and good music inside this charming Pizzeria. Reminds me of of the pizza in Italy. I ordered the 4 Stagioni. ??

Carlos Hernandez

Oh how I love New York. Their service, their food, their desert all excellent. I was so happy after ordering appetizer and pizzas, we ordered desert. They have so much personality here. It’s a wonderful representation of Harlem.

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