Sushi Zo

88 W 3rd St, New York
(646) 405-4826

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Jessica L.

Came for a friends birthday dinner. It's her 2nd favorite sushi place in NY. I expected it to be amazing. Since her and her boyfriend are also big sushi lovers. The chef was great. Had some sake with us. The fish fresh. But nothing amazing or interesting with their flavors or any unique fishes. It's okay. I expected more from how much my friend likes it here. But good nothing less. Just not amazing. Would recommend here for any sushi lovers. I will bring my other friend next time and see what he thinks. He's not a sushi lover. But when it's quality sushi he will like.

Sheila K.

The best omakase I've had in a while. I've lived around the corner for a while and finally made it--well worth the wait! Chef was great, explained where everything was from (kind of a sushi snob). Sake was a great accompaniment. Hand roll at the end was so good, ordered another. I feel bad for such places during Covid, should be sharing their food with so many more people. Will be back soon and more often!

David Foster

very welcoming, perfectly crafted omakase experience

Danny P.

Really great sushi. During covid my wife and I were the only two people there for omakase. Expensive but really worth it. Not for amateur sushi goers because the sushi is very high end so it's meant for those who want a high end experience and a high expectation.

Emmanuelle B.

They opened up the bar again only a few weeks ago, and that is exactly what we were waiting for. We prefer the more intimate experience of being able to admire the chef's work and interact with him or her. We had the pleasure of being chef Hiroyuki Kurosawa's guests for my husband's birthday! We are so grateful to have experienced his artistry and skill through this absolutely delightful experience! That was easily the best meal of my life. I wish I took the photo of the black sesame crème brûlée, it was as beautiful as it was delectable. Bravo Sushi Zo! Impeccably fresh ingredients combined with the skills of master chefs! Still my number 1 omakase place in NY.

Rebecca Kelley

One word: amazing. The sushi was so fresh, and I could watch the chef making it and put on my plate. I love the lobster roll and the scallop roll . Actually I love all the six rolls and those two were a little more outstanding than the rest. Took my sister here for sushi on our tour around LA and now I wish I could bring this place back to San Francisco with me...


Former Michelin star holder, love it.

Dana S.

Sushi Zo is an icon. I have been to the LA location but never NYC. I am so glad a found a reservation and decided to try this place. Every bite was outstanding and I did not want the dinner to end! One of the best omakases in NYC for sure! Do not think twice- you MUST come here

denzil wilson

Amazing!! The chef's selection of fish and ingredients were absolutely delicious!! Best sushi I have had in VERY long time!

Jeremias Edwards

We came to this restaurant for lunch. my friend recommended this place. Well, it was a winning. The crew welcomed us with a smile and we felt good. The food was just great. We loved this restaurant very much and we will definitely return to this restaurant. We recommend this place to all.

Matt Settle

Absolutely amazing food. The omakase is amongst the best in the city.

Regina Z.

I had severe diarrhea after dining here last night. Won't be back despite the taste of the food was good.

Fei Y.

Oh man, this was def the best omakase experience I've had in New York. The meal started strong with a beautiful plate of oyster, tuna, hamachi, and my favorite - scallop with uni and truffle. That was the most satisfying bite I've had in a long time. Following that, every piece was a delicious work of art, with enough sauces and toppings to bring out the flavors, without masking the sweetness of the fish they are meant to accentuate. I couldn't stop talking about this meal after with other sushi enthusiasts and can't wait to be back again soon!


I will definitely be back here. Good reasonable price and a sizable portion leaves you quite satisfied. The sushi is of great value and quality and there were quite a few standouts. I like the crowd here which when I went, was quite friendly. The ambiance is somewhat lacking and bare but I don’t mind much since it’s so low key and lay back. Love the location and almost feels hidden behind the university which it is located next to.

Andrew Chao

My favorite piece here. Sea bass with shishito peppers

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