The Poni Room

316 Bowery, New York
(212) 254-0350

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Seems designed for bridal showers and hen parties. Definitely style over substance, which isn't really my scene. NOT a Izakaya, more like a Japanese fusion place but...sadder?


The Happy Hour deal included two very small snacks ( to share for 2 people), so the whole point is just rose wine, definately dont go for it to enjoy food. Wine is served from water classes and comes from a tap. The Poni Room is also underground and at the happy hour there were only 2 other guests. I would not go there again.


Pros: The happy hour deal is amazing. $25 for self serve rose on tap and kitchen snacks that were pretty substantial. They served edamame, chips and fried seaweed. It was pretty empty and quiet, I'm not sure if many people know about the place yet. The waitress was really informative and attentive. Con: The downfall was our reservation was for 6pm (happy hour deal is 6pm-7:30pm). We got there on time and were told they were waiting for things to be setup downstairs. They didn't seat us until 6:25 and then cut us off right at 7:30 so that was pretty disappointing. Other than that, it's still a great deal they should just either change to 1 hour or move to 6:30 instead of right when they open.


The environment and the customer service was excellent. Perfect for catching up with friends or a romantic evening out. Be sure to check out all the spaces. Each area of the restaurant is different and there is something for everyone.


Really great time at happy hour with a group of friends. The serve yourself rose on tap was amazing and the deco was beautiful. I’ll definitely be back!


Too bad no choice, just an obligatory Valentine menu with too many flavours and unbalanced. Can therefore not really judge the restaurants.


Too bad no choice, just an obligatory Valentine menu with too many flavours and unbalanced. Can therefore not really judge the restaurants.


not a well designed restaurant. took forever from ordering to getting our food, like we didn't get our entrees until 1.5 hours after arriving. received the wrong order multiple times while waiting. food was disappointing. lotus root that we got by accident was too strongly flavored and too sweet. coconut balls were ok, wouldn't get it again. potato chips with "caviar" is just roe and not good. chips are stale. salmon tartare was decent, wouldn't have it again. not much of a drink selection and no cocktails. only redeeming thing was the duck, pretty good or maybe just because i was craving peking duck already. this restaurant was understaffed and underwhelming.

Sunita M.

I do not get the hype. The service was fine (nothing special at all), the idea to pour your own drink from a tub oF drinks or from the tap is odd, the portions are so so insanely small & for 4 (very small) hors d'ouvres (however it's spelled) & 2 glasses of subpar rosé, we paid over $100 (& left hungry). I am from New York & go out very regularly and even considering that, the prices/value is ridiculous. Further, the octopus was great, but everything else (4 cold overpriced shrimp, lotus root, laksa soup) were fine but truly nothing special. I have no reason to come here again with endless options in the city


We really like the Poni Room. It's a little unique (you pour your first glass of wine yourself). The food is a little overpriced for the portions, but it is very good. Highly recommend every one of the skewers, and the pickles. We've had our waitress before, and she was super-sweet, as usual. We'll be back.

Jeany Z.

I came in on Christmas Eve around 6:15PM with 2 other friends - we were early for our 6:30PM reservation. We asked for The Poni Room and they walked us downstairs to the izakaya which wasn't crazy packed. Unfortunately, that night there was only 1-2 waitresses working in the speakeasy area. Service took a really really long time which contributes to losing a star. They told us about the Christmas Eve "7 fishes tasting" and that there was a happy hour special for wine and Christmas punch for $25/2 hours if the whole table participated. Our friend (who happened to be the birthday girl) was sick and couldn't drink and the waitress told us she'd get back to us to see if we could make an exception - took 15 mins came back to tell us we can help ourselves but will probably be charged for the first glass and then we can renegotiate after - took another 20 mins to confirm. The Christmas punch was a good thing to try since I am a sucker for all things fruity especially when the base is yuzu vodka - yuzu is a Japanese citrusy sweet lemon. We also ordered 30 mins before... drinking on an empty stomach was not the greatest and we were hungry but opted for the 7 fishes tasting $49pp. Here's a rundown of the dishes: - Umami custard broth shooter: this was so smooth and good, there were lobsters bits and fish roe.. they provide a spoon to scoop from a glass - Salt & Pepper squid & coconut rice with fish roe: very nicely seasoned and not too fried - acceptable amount of chewy, the portion of fish roe could have been a bit more but the coconut rice was aromatic and delicious, not overwhelming - Coconut Laska: served in a tea pot into tea cups and after drinking, you see bits of seafood and cilantro inside - really appropriate especially when cold out - Salmon belly skewers & green tea soba noodles: the salmon belly skewers were charred to perfection and medium rare (not overcooked!) dipped in yummy garlic sauce - we each had 2 skewers and the green tea soba noodles were nice and chewy, al dente!! - Clams: very flavorful because of the broth - Taiyaki dessert with vanilla/chocolate ice cream, a pirouette, and chocolate covered strawberry oreo (?): this was really sweet, we kind of gobbled the ice cream and left the taiyaki pastry to eat what we could without a sugar overload - the bottom of the pastry has the red bean and more cake pastry which I ate since the top portion gets overwhelming!! We really enjoyed the food, but I was not impressed with the service since we ended around 9PM (could have gotten a 5 star) - nonetheless I'm open to coming again in the future to try some of the other menu items like the sugar pumpkin and octopus! Just be warned the portions are on the smaller side so you'll need 3-4 per person to feel full, we actually kind of questioned if they skimped out on our collective portions since we were a party of 3. We saw a table for 6 near us with more food.

Kathleen N.

The food was delicious, but very pricey. The interior was cute and novel, but I did wonder why the restaurant was empty on a Thursday evening. Overall a pleasant and fun (albeit overpriced) experience.


Such a mixed bag, fried oysters were excellent, pork belly was good but the rest of dishes very agerage. We had octapus, salmon tatare and coconut rice.

Lucy C.

UMMMMM FIRST OF ALL. PANTIES DROPPED. SECOND OF ALL. HOLD MY "PONI" TAIL. THIRD OF ALL. HOLD MY DRINK. I had dinner with a friend at the restaurant upstairs. Since she is vegetarian I was looking for a nice restaurant that serves impossible burgers since we are both a fan. I discovered this place from looking at the Instagram of Saxon + Parole (restaurant upstairs). The Poni room is a completely different world from the restaurant. You go downstairs and you open the curtain and it is like a pink inspired room. You go in and you have the chance to pick your drink in this special room. They have wine, cider, rose, froze, you can have pitchers and they have small bites. My friend and I tried one of their beers and ordered the fried cassava chips with this spicy sauce. GIRL. This place brought me back to life. Such a good place to have drinks with your girls after a workweek or even with a group of people and just order small bites and share and order pitchers of rose. The place closes at 11 so it's not a typical new york place that opens late but it's a good spot to start the evening. Definitely a must go and see! Such a cool atmosphere, great service, place is super clean and just a great time!

opentable dinner

The food and ambiance were phenomenal. The Poni Room served Asian inspired tapas. The portion is shareable and very tasty. The back room filled with bottles of rose, white, red wines, etc compliment each dish. The area is intimate and fairly quiet to enjoy long conversations while enjoying food and drinks. The server and staff were welcoming and easygoing. Made our time there more comfortable and enjoyable. Definitely going back here.

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