The Woo

206 Spring St, New York
(212) 925-2364

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Mitchell Dobbs

Wonderful! Excellent Korean barbecue. Awesome service. Overall excellent experience here.


We got the tuna sashimi, duk bokki kalbi, and pork belly. The food was really good, but the service and actual temperature of the restaurant not so much. We had a reservation for 845, but ended up getting seated about 10 minutes late, even though walk-ins were getting sat. Then we waited another 10-15 minutes to get a waiters attention and eventually served. Lastly the temperature in the restaurant, woooo boy. If you're coming here in the summer, maybe think again. Me and my date were legitimately sweating before our grill was even on. By the time our food got to us and our grill was on I was honestly just trying to cook everything and leave. I get it there's grills here but I have never had an experience at a Korean bbq place where I'm leaving with sweat soaking through my shirt. All in all the food was good but it was just way too hot to actually enjoy being there.

Myra H.

Came here on a Saturday night and was pleasantly surprised! We sat inside so we could take advantage of the Korean bbq (the tables outside don't have grills). We ordered the Korean fried chicken, vegetarian jap chae, and one order of the spicy chicken from the barbecue menu. Everything was delicious and flavorful, and ended up being more than enough food for two people (we took home some leftovers)! I will note that the restaurant was extremely extremely loud, so just FYI to anyone that is looking for a quieter dinner spot.

Kat S.

Came here looking for good Korean bbq that isn't in KTown, and overall wasn't disappointed. I ordered the galbi (traditional Korean preparation of marinated short ribs) and salmon (also marinated in soy and garlic I think). BBQ is served with rice and Korean side dishes - in this case kimchi, daikon radish, broccoli with sesame, and a salad. The kimchi here has a nice taste - barely spicy, but still decently aged - and the broccoli was really nice too. The banchan portions are small, but you can get a bit extra of anything you finish. They will also bring lettuce and soybean paste for ssam wraps on request - their soybean paste has a nice, rich flavor. It was actually a little too much food for one person in the end - the waitstaff who took my order was correct in telling me I could manage with an appetizer and one BBQ serving, but I wanted to try both! Heh. The galbi was the better of the two, tho the salmon wasn't bad - just not quite as good as the (very few) other KBBQ places in NYC that offer marinated salmon. I'd say be careful not to overcook, but if you're a person who needs your fish well-cooked, the salmon is prolly not for you. The inside is ... well. Highly contemporary, if a bit too affected for my taste - black marble and crystal beaded hangings are just not my style. But it's well lit, and the grills (the most important part) are hot but don't spew heat everywhere, which is great for the summer. The outdoor seating also seems pleasant. The menu is also quite extensive so there are plenty of options for Korean fare outside of BBQ. I intend to come back and try the dolsot bibimbap. I'd say if you're a downtown/Canal St or BKLYN person on the 1-3/ACE looking for Korean without having to trek up to midtown, this is a great spot.

anna k

Quality of meat is so good. Everything was tasty. Bit pricier than many kbbq places but the meat is delicious.

David Rivera

Great food and drinks!!! The Fried Calamari is by far the best Fried Calamari I've had ever.

Michael G.

The Korean fried chicken wings and mandu were yummy. Bo Ssam buns were disappointing. Bul go gi was fantastic! Fun spot. They have a good watermelon sour beer in the can as well

Wendy Liu

I was looking forward to dining at The Woo but unfortunately, this establishment does not allow people with disabilities & their service animal to enter. I am not someone who leaves reviews but I’m appalled at this restaurants treatment of people with disabilities. I hope the owners of this establishment will be aware of and train your employees to understand the needs of customers with service animals. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) says businesses must admit customers with disabilities and their service animals anywhere other customers are allowed to go. This is both NY Law & federal mandate & I’m truly dismayed on how The Woo is unaware of this & chooses to discriminate.

J. Alexander Photography

There are many other better KBB restaurants at lower prices but this place is very nice. It's more of an upscale vibe. I can see this as a great place for business dinners.

Charles Wong

The waiter/manager for our large table upstairs was rude, arrogant and inattentive. We had a larger table of 8+ which commands an automatic gratuity and he really took advantage of that situation by taking our initial order and rarely reappearing.It was the most painful dining experience I can recall. We had to chase the waiter to put in drink orders which he repeatedly forgot, when he had to remind him he was aggravated by us doing so. This person is not someone they should want running and representing their business, his lack of attentiveness cost the business roughly 2 rounds of drinks for our group of 11 that is roughly $330 of drinks at $15 a piece.Rude waiter really put a damper on the occasion, not a nice person who enjoys his work and it reflects in the quality of service.Skip the Woo and head over to Ktown where the staff is always welcoming and helpful

Emily M.

The best Korean BBQ I've ever had! We've tried the Pork Belly Steamed Buns, Edamame, Bulgolgi Korean BBQ, Lycee Martini, and Gin Ginger Lemon cocktails + dessert... and I can't wait to go back for a third time. The Korean BBQ comes with rice and vegetable sides, as well as an appetizer salad with the most delicious house dressing. I'd like to pour that dressing on everything I eat for the rest of my life - not even kidding! The service is great, the food is spectacular and fairly priced, and the atmosphere inside is wonderful. Who needs to go all the way up to K-town for great Korean food?!

John C.

This place is sooo gooood! I love all of their dishes. The weekends are so packed and it's obvious why. The staff is super professional and friendly. Don't miss out on this awesome place!

Adina Sharabi

Every time I eat here I am never disappointed. The wings are delicious. And they get 5 stars not just for the food but also the playlist.

Alex-Shin Ashley Walker

Went here with a friend on a whim, the place was gorgeous and very clean. Staff was very welcoming and attentive. The food was amazing and definitely worth the price and the experience was wonderful.

Evan F

Not bad, but certainly underwhelming. Slow service too. Food was alright, but portions were small.

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