Top Thai Greenwich

235 Sullivan St, New York
(646) 726-4418

Recent Reviews

Reda Amrani

Good food but terrible customer service. Restaurant manager is rude with customers and charges tip without informing them. She doesn't respond to politeness and ignores basic requests.

Nida Ahmed

What a weird experience. We’ve been here before but today was truly bizarre. Their service is so rushed, we paid a 10 percent tip, even though we weren’t happy with their service or food (which usually is good). After paying the tip and bill, they came backed and asked for more tip.Tip is based off of satisfaction of service, which we were not pleased with. Everything is very rushed, pushy. Our waiter literally came back and suggested we pay 18-25% tip.

Shaanu S

the service is very fast here - faster than i expected because we ordered a lot of food. this was my first time trying thai cuisine and i was pretty impressed at the sweet-spicy combination.

Jim Chow

Small place with big flavors. Tried a variety of appetizers and a mango red curry entree and enjoyed it all.

Haris Farooqi

Top Thai is easily one of the most delicious HALAL Thai spots in the tri-state area. This was my second trip here and it was actually better than the first time. On a warm summer evening there was a fast moving line of people outside. Thankfully our wait was only 5 mins with the service being extremely fast. We ordered curry puffs for appetizers which were similar to a samosa and really crispy and zesty. For entrees we ordered masuman curry (chicken) and basil udon noodles (beef). Both were DELICIOUS, hot and packed with flavor. I really enjoyed the noodles as they were perfectly moist and the meat was very tender. To top off the dinner, we ordered Thai iced tea which was sweet and refreshing. All in all, despite the slightly expensive meal, Top Thai is 5/5 and we will definitely be returning!

Cathy sanchez

If I could give this place a 0 star review I would. I ordered a pad thai and spring rolls. I bit into a spring roll and found a rock inside the spring roll. I immediately spit out the spring roll and pulled the rock from my mouth. I told the waiter and he did not say anything. He came back and just took the spring roll of the bill. This place is so frustrating. They did not care at all. I do not recommend it.

Mother Rock Star Foster

Best drunken noodlesAmazing drinksGreat desertMust return very soon ?✌️?⭐⭐

Kristin N.

We really enjoyed our meal here. We dined outside on a perfect summer evening. Service was prompt and pleasant. The menu is huge and I was excited to see they had khao soi noodles (haven't seen them on a menu outside of Thailand). They were delicious- I asked for mildly spicy and was glad they put chili paste on the side because I still like a kick, just want to control the heat a bit. My daughter enjoyed her pad see ew. The winner though, was my drink (sort of like a Thai margarita) and the curry puffs (which I could have eaten 20 of). They have an extensive alcohol list and lots of great cocktails made with Thai ingredients. Would go back in a heartbeat.

Parwez I.

Another great find on Yelp, if you like spicy food this one is for you and yes you can dial the spice to the level you want. Fast service, excellent food, the only reason to not give it 5 stars, was not being able to go out the Yelp checkin of a free beer if you buy one

Ted Weitz

Top Thai. Definitely lived up to its name ?. A great little Thai spot in Greenwich Village. Their website is carrying a warning that you will get addicted, they must be right as this was my second meal there this week. Just couldn’t resist ?. Their lunch menu is pretty amazing at $9.95 including a drink and an appetizer. I ordered the Green Curry ?‍♂️. An awesome, delicate and well balance of the 4 elements of the Thai cuisine; the salt, bitter, sweet and the right amount of heat for this “Farang” palate. All that Thai goodness was engulfed in a creamy curry sauce that I munched to the last drop. ?‍♂️. My mouth was happily hot with no need to call the fire department. Definitely Top Thai ?.


Over hyped for absolutely zero reason. They claim to be halal but they aren't. Reached out numerous times and various ways to confirm if they are halal but got no response. To make it worse, they serve alcohol. Halal restaurants don't sell alcohol period. False advertising to bring in more customers.


The food was good, but the service was horrible. The worker named Orchid was very rude and confusing. She showed us attitude and made the payment process really confusing. At first, I asked her if apple pay was accepted and she bluntly said no. Then I gave her a card and it did not work so she later told me apple pay was accepted!!!!!!! Not only that, she made the tipping part extremely confusing and unprofessional, where I gave her cash tip and she further made seem like I had to give the tip through the card.

Angelina S.

Top Thai extended its small venue by adding outdoor seating. Despite residing on one of the more crowded blocks in Greenwich Village, the venue appeared to be quite empty at 5 pm. Nevertheless, the great reviews about their Thai food inspired my visit! I split an order of 'Crispy Tofu' (upon recommendation by the server) and ordered 'Shrimp Pad Kha Pow' as my entree. The tofu appetizer was flavorful and tender (not rubbery). The entree portion was generous, delicious, and full of yummy veggies and plump shrimps. 'Pad Kha Pow' is a savory, saucy dish, but, despite ordering it spicy, I felt it was not so. Nevertheless, the food was decent. The Long Island Iced Tea tasted like a watered-down glass of Coca-cola. You're better off ordering either a glass of Coca-cola or sticking to your complimentary glass of water - not a half-and-half combo of both! We would not order a drink again from here. All in all, our server was pleasant and knowledgeable about the menu. The expansive menu also featured many options for different dietary needs. All Covid-19 precautionary actions seemed to be in place, the service was relatively quick, and our food was good.

Catherine K.

Pros - Descent outdoor dining area. I brought my dog with me and he was comfortable too. - The fried rice with steak on top was so much better than I expected. The meat was marinated so well and was tender. - Service was good overall Cons - The pad see eww was a bit too sweet for me

Lexie F.

Absolutely love it here! My friend put me on and now I can't stop coming back. The lunch special is so great and then it's so easy to order a $1 Thai coffee with the meal. Great outdoor space and the indoors is cute as well. Great food, chill vibe, and would definitely recommend to a friend. Apparently the food is halal as well and that's great!

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