Zen Ramen & Sushi

150 W 36th St, New York
(646) 870-7509

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Carrie R.

We were really wanting some sushi on one of our nights in NYC. We had been sightseeing a few days so wanted something relatively close to our hotel that we could walk to. We found this spot on Yelp. It was great! It's a small place right in midtown. The sushi was great. Everything was super fresh. Our waitress Sandy was really friendly and attentive. They were busy but efficient. They were taking all covid restrictions seriously. The HUGE bowls of ramen looked pretty popular too and delicious--we didn't have one but admired them. The prices were similar to 'back home' and for midtown Manhattan that was beyond amazing! We would definitely go back. We would have loved to get a seat at their small sushi bar because it would have been interesting to watch the making while dining. Maybe next time.

Jenny X.

Come here for happy hour and you will not be disappointed - you can get rolls of sushi for $5 each and appetizers too! Good: Happy hour menu for appetizers and drinks is just 5 bucks / what a steal! The rolls are tasty, the sunrise drink is great too! Most of all, our server was HILARIOUS and told us the bill was "1375 dollars" when we asked for it. What a thrill. The ice cream is free with Yelp check in too! Bad: The outdoor seating is a bit jank, because it's on the side of a road, but it's not the worst.

Monifa S.

Such a great little spot! The happy hour is fantastic! The well drinks for happy hour are STRONG but the service and food was great! What a treat I happened to luck up on!

Benjamin Q.

Keepin it real out here by midtown Had a chance to visit for lunch with a coworker after seeing all the positive reviews. It was honestly not too bad but not so amazing at the same time. Took a while for the server to get to us, food was good but pretty ordinary, reasonable lunch special pricing makes up for it Would still go back but with a more realistic expectation next time

Andrea O.

Covid guidelines are taken seriously here. There are partitions situated on all tables/booths: 5 stars. A/C for days. The sweltering temperature out on these Manhattan streets had me sweating like a sinner in church. But the restaurant was cool and inviting, with a good ventilation system. And no one likes warmed sushi : 5 stars. I had the white fish --an East Coast staple unheard of back in Cali-- and oh how I missed the sweetness of this fish: 5 stars. I also ordered some Salmon rolls. Here is my secret to finding good sushi... Does the salmon sweat and is it the consistency of butter? If it melts in your mouth it's good. An instantaneous food-gasm should accompany every great slice of salmon. If it's got a little sweat (condensation?) then it's not necessarily bad. I'm just spoiled by having had salmon sashimi served on literal bowls of ice. This place had Excellent buttery salmon : 5 stars. I ordered takeout to eat back at my hotel in the same neighborhood. The process of ordering through Yelp, paying on the app, and then collecting my food at the restaurant was easy like Sunday Morning: 5 stars. You had me at Happy Hour! Back in my day, we used to count the minutes until late afternoon, work was done, and the Happiest of Hours began. This place has a Happy Hour and I almost cried at the nostalgia it evoked in me. I ordered too much food, and got a great bang for buck ratio that left my cheetah-print wallet and belly oh so satisfied. Discounted food and drinks are a basic human right: 5 stars. This is a great fast sushi joint. IDK when I'll next be around Midtown, but there's lots of sushi places to try. This is a good one for it's price point, punctuality of service, and pleasant atmosphere.

Cao H.

Zen Ramen is a good place for cheap Japanese food. However I am not too sure about the quality of food and refreshens of the sushi, so I ordered lunch specials: cooked eels over rice ($16), and teriyaki chicken bento ($12). They tasted fine, and prices were fantastic. It was the first time I visited this restaurant, I need to try a few more times to get my precise opinions about this restaurant.

Genevieve M.

Was able to meet up an old work colleague here, since we were BOTH traveling to NY at the same time. It's summer in NY, 90 degrees and humid, so I suggested this place since it was pretty much the middle of Times Square and Chelsea, where we were each staying, and sushi seemed like a good option. Because I'm a psychopath, I ordered spicy tonkatsu ramen on a hot and disgustingly humid day. However, I was extremely satisfied. The meat was good, some parts tender, some parts actually a little tough, but still delicious and edible. It definitely hit the spot, although it was hot. My friends ordered sushi, and they seemed to like it so no complaints there! Def a cool hole in the wall spot to pop into.

Alresch J.

This has been my go-to spot for the last four or five weeks. They do have some precautions like still temperature taking before entry and there are separate seating areas as well but I like to sit at the little sushi bar area which is separated and I think the service is a little quicker and more intimate. I haven't had a bad appetizer or dish yet but my to go have been the bento boxes. Servings are actually pretty massive so I'll be careful with how much you order appetizer wise if this is going to be your entree.

Kit S.

Lots of restaurants in NYC! But Zen Ramen & Sushi was so good, we came here two days in a row for the sushi rolls, dumplings, and beef (day 1) and vegetable (day 2) ramen noodles. Everything was outstanding! Best Happy Hour (4-8 pm) with $5 appetizers! Our waitress, Wenti, was wonderful. We will be back!!

Taylor R.

This place is awesome & has become one of me and my boyfriends favorites! The service is top tier. They are very attentive, nice, and they give amazing recommendations and help out with the menu for first timers! This will for sure be in rotation for us when we are craving ramen!

Joyce H.

Great if you just need something to fill your stomach at a cheap price, but the quality is not that good. I came here with a coworker for lunch as it had great reviews. The lunch deals are amazing; $11 for 3 rolls of sushi. The sushi came out looking like it was made in a rush and was mostly just stuffed with cucumber and avocado even though we ordered eel and shrimp rolls. We also split the pork katsu bowl, but it was way too salty and the sauce that came with it was on the watery side. The waiter never came around to refill our waters and was only there to take our order and give us the check. There are plexiglass dividers between each table and they check your temperature at the front.

Lobsang D.

Great food and good drinks ! Great sushi and the ramen broth was just incredible. Happy hour menu is pretty diverse too!!


great value! paid only $25 with tax for miso soup and a bento box with chicken katsu, shumai, california rolls, and edamame. however the shumai wasn’t tasty and the miso soup lacked flavor. it was bland and had a weird sour taste so i had to add soy sauce to make it edible. sushi, edamame, chicken, and rice were all good for the price i paid. i would come back!

Nooshi B.

Nope. Zen was a fail for us. We waited 20+ minutes for this place after seeing the amazing reviews on Yelp. We ordered the Spicy Tonkatsu Ramen, Rainbow Roll and the King Kong Roll. The quality of fish was definitely lacking and there didn't seem to be much flavor for the high prices they charge. The sake we ordered also left a lot to be desired and left a funny aftertaste. We were so disappointed we ended up at Sugarfish right after to make up for the letdown here at Zen.

Dmitry D.

Pretty good food, flavors were ok . Sushi was good and fresh and seared salmon . Service was really bad to begin but then recovered and gave our kids free sodas . Price was also ok.

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