Colombini's Pizza & Deli

3193 Chili Ave, Rochester
(585) 889-2213

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Debbie Baker

They have Great subs homemade cookies and there's a nice little ice cream parlor next door

Merrill R.

You know, I really try to keep an open mind about these local Chili spots because I want our community to thrive, and I really do give them the benefit of the doubt. Especially, since the whole COVID thing happened. But, this was just... disappointing. I ordered from their new online ordering platform, Slice. It looks really nice! But, I'm not certain that it functions very well or if it was just user error on my end. But, I ordered it from my desktop sooo.... it shouldn't have been that difficult. Anyways, today was the last day that I'll give Columbini's "another try" just to help out our community. Today, I ordered a chicken ceasar salad. The description said it would be romaine lettuce, ceasar dressing, parmesan, and croutons. When I got it, it was a nice sized portion of large salad, but it was iceberg lettuce and so overdressed that everything was soggy. And, the box was incredibly heavy. So, I knew it was going to be a soggy, waterlogged, disaster. I really want to keep our community thriving and I hate to give Columbini's a 1 star review, but when they continue to disappoint everyone in the family, it just gets to the point that the restaurant is just bad.

Tom Andrews

Pizza has been pretty decent every time we’ve ordered.The wings are generally over cooked and like others have mentioned - the “buffalo” sauce is definitely not buffalo. It is a sticky sweet sauce that I don’t care for.Other issue I have is that they advertise 10 piece wings and every time we have been shorted 1-2 wings - don’t know what’s going on there.


Their pizza is the best slice in Chili Center, featuring beautiful, buttery, flaky crust and a very unique and delicious red sauce! I will 100% recommend Colombini's any day.


Great folks, great food. Subs are great, slices are always hot and fresh. Take home the pizza bread, you will not be sorry.

Heidi Condello

This place is a hidden gem. Excellent customer service, fantastic food, and very reasonable prices.

Nick Kadlec

We put through a decently sized order for our baby shower that we had. Although I was not there to pick up the order I was told that the staff was very friendly and pleasant to deal with. I want to say that all the food was done on time, the price was very reasonable, and the pizza and wings were absolutely delicious. Highly recommend.

Tyler Pitcher

They used to be the best place for buttered steak subs. Now they're horrible. The woman at the counter was rude, the buttered steak sub was burnt and dry, my wife's sub made her sick, and the guy working had no mask on at all. We also got deep fried oreos, but that was a mistake, as they were gross. Never would eat here again.

Bob Hartman

Best wings in town. The pizza was also excellent tonight

Paula Sangbush

Subs are fantastic. Great service.

Megan C.

This review is more nostalgic than anything - I last enjoyed Colombini's with my fam in my childhood home in Chili during the Bills playoff run and forgot to write a review. If I have to give a true broken down star rating, it would look like this... Pizza: 4 stars Half moon cookies: 5 stars Subs: 3 stars Cleanliness/vibe: 1 star I am obsessed with the cookies here (do they still sell them?! sorry if they don't) as my parents used to always get them for me and my three siblings on Sundays to split. The pizza is actually pretty good if you're into a sweeter sauce, softer/thicker dough, and gobs of cheese. We typically ordered from Good Guys growing up (why is there SO MUCH PIZZA in Chili?) but I always enjoyed the occasional trip to Colombini's too. Subs are not super impressive to me and the bread they use is not my jam, and the (lack of) attention to COVID restrictions, general cleanliness (as evidenced by their health score), and vibe is enough to keep me away unless my family happens to be ordering. A fine spot if you're looking for quick pizza or cookie pick up!

Cary Webster

I stopped in after a long day of work, absolutely starving. Everyone there worked with me to narrow down a meal I would truly enjoy. They made a custom, veggie sub, on specialty bread, toasted w/ melted cheese. It was delicious so much so I ate half before I left the parking lot! Thank you to the whole team for an amazing and delicious experience!!!!

Mirya Williams

Omg, the large extra cheese extra pepperoni..... My God, its delicious!!!!Its so stringy with just the right amount of spice.

Elizabeth Griffin

Friendly service and their portions are on point ... prices are as good as they get

Caleb San Miguel

Pretty good portion for the price. Will be coming back for more subway

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