Insomnia Cookies

1333 Mt Hope Ave, Rochester
(585) 479-3836

Recent Reviews

Daniel Kephart

A bit over-priced, Insomnia seems like a valid enough option if you have a craving. Otherwise, I'd pass.

Trevor Wright

Cookies were baked perfectly and were ready fast. Went at 1:50 am and was amazed that they are open to 3:00am. And the location has good amount of parking in front and back.


There cookies are fresh and delicious, you have to try the snickerdoodle, and the oatmeal chocolate chip with walnuts

a charter

Great cookies. Nice staff.

Ahmed Ramzy

Niyah and tee hook it up here every time I come, amazing customer service. Honestly better than the south beach location I have been to. Always recommend people coming here!

Andrew Akers

Scrumptious cookies complimented with several ice cream options and ice cold milk. Staff were also super friendly. Nuff said.

Christine C

So good. I only wish they were as good for you as vegetables.....

Shari Colon

Super cute shop.We attended the flea market event.We are definitely coming back in October!

Tiffany J

You won't be dissapointed with these cookies! So yummy and fresh.However, the wait time is LONG... And the employees aren't the friendliest. Also, while I was waiting a coworker was complaining about another coworker VERY LOUDLY near me and some other customers. Wasnt a very pleasant experience when I had my child with me and it made her uncomfortable. The drama should stay in the back.

Faith Ruckdeschel

OMG! Insomnia Cookies, has the best cookies in Rochester.....IMO! ????? They deliver until2 AM, their cookies are delicious but they also have ice cream, cookie ice cream sandwiches, vegan and gluten free cookies, brownies, and a different variety of the giant cookie-cakes, etc. Please try them because u won't be disappointed and the delivery drivers are very sweet and fast! I literally received my order(pics down below ?)at 8:01 PM, and I placed my order at 7:41 PM! Everything was fresh and warm and I'm never disappointed! The cookies on the left WAS a 6 pack(Oops! I couldn't control myself! ?)and they're 3 times larger than a Pillsbury cookie, but on the right are the deluxe cookies.....they're 3 times larger than the others! I think they're prices are really cool for not only the delicious quality but for the quantity size of the cookies. As u can tell from my review, I'm very satisfied! ?

Pamela Barnes

I went in at around 11:30pm they were busy but thats usually their norm at least at that time. Staff was attentive and got customers out in a decent fashion. They ran out of snickerdoodle cookies but they didn't disappointment with other recommendations. They have vegan options as well. But why would you want a vegan cookie? Staff was amazing. Cookies are always warm.

Nicholas Nolt

The line was a little long when we were there. But that's expected when you're getting such good cookies!

Skyler Allen

Insomnia cookies fits A niche between home baked and artisan cookies. The quality you get for the price is good, perfect for A special occasion or for A midnight munchie craving

Nazia Hasan

I went in to the store in a lovely mood and very excited to try my first Insomnia Cookie and came out of it feeling awful. When I entered the store I was immediately told to wait by one cashier (which I had no problem with) as she disappeared in the back. Another cashier came out after around 10-15 minutes and just skipped over me and asked the person behind me if she can help them even though I was standing right in front of the cash register. She took their order in and was about to take the next person's order too when I told her I was asked to wait and am ready to order too. She made me repeat myself FOUR TIMES with the most uninterested expression and tone and she also cut me off while I was repeating myself! I thought to myself, ok maybe she can't hear or maybe it is because I am wearing a mask, although she heard the person behind me just fine earlier. Then I went to order and she continued to do this as more people came into the store and the line got longer. At this point I was speaking as loud as I possibly can and feeling exhausted from having to speak so loud and repeat myself so many times to the point I was about to say forget it and leave the store. The first associate finally came out from the back since now I'm officially "holding up the line" and she heard me just fine and gave me my cookie. Terrible experience!

Drew Tompkins

Very unique and extremely quality. But, when I went, most ice cream flavors were sold out.

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