Jines Restaurant

658 Park Ave, Rochester
(585) 461-1280

Recent Reviews

Jim Sabaka

Best breakfast in recent memory. Lexi was our waitress you rocked girl!!!! Great way to begin the last day of our first trip.


Super friendly. Bring your dog and eat outside on the sidewalk. They brought a bowel of water for our pup. Interesting options including granola dipped French toast. Hollandaise sauce for the bene seemed broken, though. Can't wait to go back for lunch!

Shawn Baldwin

Today like always... At Jines was an awesome experience. Food was fantastic and the wait staff were friendly and very accommodating. I really enjoyed myself.

Nidia Castro

Really like this resturant. The food us excellent,the service staff friendly and effi5. We were lucky to get an outside table near the entrance. It is busy during lunch so come early or call for a reservation.

Julie L.

Very good food and service, would definitely recommend and would return :) We ordered breakfast for dinner, waffles, hash browns, eggs, bacon etc. Staff was very friendly and efficient


Really good classic diner food and great service!

Kathryn V

So pleased with our breakfast for our party of 6! Great food - tons of options, and our service was fast and friendly (thanks, Alexis!)! Prices were very reasonable... like $10 for a 4-egg omelette?? Side note: One of the members of our party was in a wheelchair, which was accommodated pretty well (side entrance kind of through the kitchen, patio umbrellas needed to be shifted momentarily to make way, plenty of room inside to navigate). There did not seem to be convenient handicapped parking, or should I say, it seems that handicapped parking is now dedicated to street dining. We were able to get parking not too far away and navigate over.

Nicole Smith

When I see long menus at places it makes me nervous - how can you do so many things well? I ponder.This time my expectations were exceeded. I ordered the Orange Marmalade Stuffed French Toast - my server told me that is what always brought her to Jines before she worked here. It was delicious!You can get maple syrup as a side, which is well worth the extra $1.50.My brother was also with me and he got a Frittata, which was also delicious.We enjoyed our outdoor seating and the service was friendly and prompt.

Brian Blodgett

Amazing. Best Greek food I've had. Also, just the food in general was great.We got slouvaki, shrimp, burgers and beef sandwich.I was a bit disappointed in the texture of the shakes... maybe that's the way they do it here. I like it colder and thicker.Anastasia was extremely helpful, courteous and professional. She was also quick and efficient.Very glad I made the decision to come here as part of our vacation.


If I wanted scrambled eggs I would have simply ordered it! Not sure who they have working in their kitchen but this is NOT the omelette that I ordered nor have I been getting over the past year. I order a veggie omelette very often from this place and every time was great; you know perfectly cooked egg stuffed with veggies and cheese topped with hollandaise sauce?. Well some inexperienced fool decided to SCRAMBLE my eggs, over cooking the veggies and then adding cheese to the middle and folding it as if they did a job well done! And to top it off there was no hollandaise sauce in sight! If I want a mediocre “omelette “ that’s scrambled I could’ve went to any other diner, because that sees to be what they’re all doing…..I come to this place specifically because they seemed to be the only ones that knew how to make an authentic in rushed omelette. Not only did I have to endure this deplorable slop whomever I spoke with over the phone was rude about it, saying that I should have “specified” how I wanted it cooked! As if I need to tell a restaurant how to properly prepare something that they had been doing right until now. NEVER AGAIN will I patron this place.UPDATE: It was properly redone and the employees were awesome about it when I got there. Thank you!

Timyra Parris

Looove this place great service and the food is the bomb

Steve G

Eggs Benedict are the best! Great service and friendly staff!

Carol Lord

Love this restaurant! Great service. Excellent food...love the Greek lemon chicken soup & the grilled cranb er rry turkey sandwich. Never had food we didnt love

Francesca Chatrer

My friend and I had a great meal and were very comfortable at Jines. The crab quiche was amazing! Our waiter was very polite and friendly. The atmosphere was relaxing, and we even stayed a couple hours after our meal chatting.

Patrick Chefalo

An excellent meal. Wide range of choices for breakfast (served throughout the day) plus lunch and dinner. Always prepared well, and with great service. Worth a wait!

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