SEA Restaurant

741 Monroe Ave, Rochester
(585) 473-8031

Recent Reviews

Ari Bernstein

Delicious, ordered spring rolls, fried squid, pho, and Thai iced tea. Everything was absolutely delicious. Good vibes all around

Sean A.

Some really good pho at this place. It's probably my favorite pho spots in Rochester and it is one my favorite pho spots overall. It even rivals some of the pho shops I used to go to growing up in California (there was a Little Saigon near us)... so this is some good stuff. I'm not sure what the recent 1 star reviews are talking about... but they must have gone on a really off day or something cause the stuff I got was fresh and delicious.

casey clements

My boyfriend and I went yesterday. All I have to say is DELICIOUS! My boyfriend got the beef special pho and I got the yellow noodle with beef. Their broth is delicious, their staff is sweet and helpful, and the price is unbeatable. Don’t go elsewhere for Vietnamese food. We also got the spring rolls and it came to under $30 without tip. Will be back! Thank you.

Tracy J Lederman-Updike

Always excellent service and food. Best Pho around!

Horace Arroyo

We were visiting family in Rochester and had a craving for Pho. I ordered vegetarian pho which was not on the menu but they mastered it. They should really consider putting the dish on their menu. It was filled with carrots broccoli onions etc. It was truly delicious and filling.

Bearded Platano

Ordered a chicken fried rice, with chicken. And this is what I got. Order pad Thai, and that wasn't right. Only the papaya salad and side of white rice was good Atleast my girl enjoyed that.

Lily Mcgee

The pho here is absolutely amazing. Every time I walk in I see an employee picking cilantro and it’s always so fresh. The meals are well sized at a great price. Staff is very friendly and enthusiastic, overall making SEA a perfect comfort choice.

Gretchen Spencer

Quality has gone downhill. Broth in pho smelled rancid and vegetables looked rotten. Only fake crab in the seafood pho, no squid or fish (there was one slimy looking shrimp). Inedible—threw it all away.

Marlon James

Awesome food and amazing service. They never disappoint

Gretchen S.

Just got takeout from here and it was absolutely disgusting. The seafood pho (which I had in person a few years ago and it was great) was so gross I couldn't eat it. One shrimp, the rest was fake crab. No squid or fish at all. Broth was watery and had an unpleasant smell--like old seafood that had gone bad. Pad thai was covered in soy sauce. Both curry dishes we ordered were watery and oily with vegetables that looked rotten. I'm not sure if they have had a change in chef or owner, but the quality is really poor.

Pedro Rosas

Good food and beautiful servers.


I am SHOCKED at how many great Pho and other asian restaurants there are in Rochester, NY. I went to SEA several years ago and fell in love with their Pho and Chicken Porridge. Now, whenever I get the chance to go back to Ra Cha Cha, I must go to SEA at least once and have a bowl. I usually waddle out of their restaurant and need a major nap lol. Unfortunately for the huge list of other Pho restaurants I am rarely in town long enough to try them too, something I need to remedy that.

Claire D.

I like it that they do not pretend to be something that they're not. In this place you're going to get a lot of food fresh food delicious food and good service. And when looking to get fresh food there aren't many places. But sea restaurant is one of them. Whenever I'm not sure what I want, I order Asian food. Seems like this food will always come perfectly. I recommend sea a restaurant if you're looking for local Thai food restaurant that won't be too expensive and that you will leave happy.

jd 123

Went with my husband to try a new place to eat and we stumbled to this place. The spring rolls are fresh and delightful. I got the Chicken pad thai and it was delicious and there was plenty left over! The prices were good for the amount of food I received. Wish they had a few desserts as they have none currently. There were about 5 or 6 tables in this location of which were spread 6 feet apart. The waitresses were very prompt. 5/5 would recommend and come back.

Anastasia S.

Something happened to this place... we used to love their food until today. We ordered our usual favorite dishes and they were all absolutely disgusting. Pho, vermicelli, spring rolls, all of it was BAD... we won't be ordering from here again

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