The Frog Pond

652 Park Ave, Rochester
(585) 271-1970

Recent Reviews

Scott Snyder

This was our first time..The service was quick and friendly. The French toast with bananas and Carmel sauce was delicious, as was the Steak and eggs. First time I had French Baguette I want it all the time.

Jake Sandy

Good food, good service and reasonable prices. Nice atmosphere on Park Ave, an altogether great experience!

Tishara Porter

It was actually my first and the food was very good and we had amazing service

Rick Zicari

Been great for 40 years.. Theresa is always worth the trip.

R. S.

We came across this place by accident and so glad we did. We went for breakfast. Both the service and food were excellent. The banana/caramel pancakes were great as were the benedict dishes. Clean, nice atmosphere, and reasonble prices. Highly recommend.

Zoë Bross

Busy, and still good! Server was super nice and the menu was like a good diner menu but not too overwhelming. Sweet potato fries slapped, otherwise good, basic breakfast/brunch/lunch food with a nice atmosphere and outdoor seating

Jack M.

Aside from being constantly overcrowded, Good breakfast spot but lunch menu was very disappointing. Had one of the burgers it was undercooked and immediately irritated my stomach. I did not finish my meal and left hungry. I recommend this spot only for breakfast.

Leidy Suarez

The perfect place to enjoy Art, good food and great energy! You must try the pancakes with the house made caramel sauce! It is fantastic! I don’t eat pancakes and this ones were delicious ? and the caramel sauce made me think of home!

Sunny L.

Very solid brunch food. Also nothing terribly special. I got the fish sandwich and my friend got the pastrami sandwich. All around not bad at all.

Ashley W

The servers were amazing!I went on a Saturday morning and it was very busy which is expected. The weekend manager was very careless about what was being said about the food itself. My sister found a piece of hair in her burrito and had to send it back, my other sister ordered an omelette which was runny in the inside and had to send it back. Never once did the manager ask why we went send food back or ask if anything could be replaced or made again but our server was amazing with listening.

G Leenhouts

Great service. Excellent breakfast.

Nishat Khan

They never disappoint. I came back here after a few years of being away, and the food is exactly as I remember it. Keep up the great work!

Russ Edwards

The experience was very good. We ate inside. The service was excellent and the food was tasty. Several of us left feeling extra full.

Dennis M.

Frog Pond menu listed two turkey specials for Thursday, but they no longer offer these items. I ordered a turkey reuben, and it came with thin slices of processed turkey with gobs of cheese and sauerkraut accompanied by greasy fries. I ordered the pinot grigio listed on the menu, but they didn't have this either. Also, getting to the men's room was a real chore. I think it's time for this old restaurant to update the menu and food offerings, or make room for new business. Should add that our waitress was pleasant and attentive!

Christina D.

It's entirely possible that I convinced my mate to drive over an hour to go for lunch here, or breakfast as he calls it, despite it being 11am. The place was already packed, and noisy, but we had finally found parking and weren't going to back down. I'm sorry to say that this place isn't particularly frog-like, or a pond, but it is a great restaurant, which considering my empty stomach, was probably for the best. We had already gone over the menu at home, so when the waitress came over, ready with two cups of ice water, we gave her our order. My mate asked for a coffee, which tasted mildly burnt, but was easily remedied by a pack of sugar. It was the only downside to the meal, as the food that followed was amazing. I had ordered a omelet, which had a chunk of real smoked salmon inside, along with cream cheese and onion. The salmon was heavenly, and I had to stop myself from picking apart the omelet just to gorge on it outright. I had been hesitant about the cream cheese, but it was only about a tablespoon, enough to add a nice silkiness to the egg, the flavor getting cut by the onion. The eggs alone weren't really seasoned, though given the flavor profile of the fillers, led to it balancing out well. My mate ordered the crab cakes Benedict and corned beef hash. It's cheat day for him, because his keto diet is definitely getting broken for this field trip. His eyes were bigger than his stomach, and yet he got through it all because you can't reheat this, and you definitely can't miss out either. The crab cakes sat on an English muffin, doused in hollandaise sauce. The cakes themselves were made of real crab (a big selling point for him, especially given the honest prices) that brought him back to making cakes fresh from the docks. The sauce was on point, seasoned well. He moved on to the hash, which he had explained to me during our wait, showing me a picture from the can, only to be astonished when real, actual corned beef arrived on his plate along with golden potatoes. He dug in, begging his stomach to make room for everything, sopping the leftover sauce into the hash. Do it. I must say, I'm a bit of a snob about toast. The menu doesn't list the types, as many don't, but the waitress rattles them off with ease. I defaulted to rye and was given four pieces, with a visible sheen of butter and a packet of strawberry jam. It was a tick above what I'd normally make at home, with the edges visibly crispy. Still great, despite not being my usual favorite. It put my satiety over the edge, and I pushed back from the table with enough calories and food baby to get me through the rest of our adventure. The waitress was prompt to take our payment and return, bidding us a fond weekend. We stood, the pepper shaker fell off the small table, broke and spilled onto the floor, and I'm glad it wasn't the salt, because that's bad luck, and this place needs to keep it's winning streak. So go, preferably on foot, agree to a nice, spacious outdoor table and don't break their table wear. (So sorry guys, really sorry.) Just enjoy good food and tip your waitress.

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