Mike's Italian Deli

11711 135th Ave, Queens
(718) 843-9896

Recent Reviews

Jazmin H

Food is amazing very tasty and reasonably priced. Clean place and amazing service.

Eric Rivera

Great sandwiches. Nothing but top notch meats and cheese. Great tasting bread. This place does not cheap out. Terrific amount of cold cut inside the sandwich. You can share a whole hero with your partner in crime. Service was great. Not too many items on the shelves. This place is strictly for sandwiches. Street parking. Nice neighborhood. 7 minutes away from JFK. Worth the stop!

Jason Cruz

This place is great. their bagels are freshly made everyday and not those corny bagels from keyfood. real bagels. hefty portion. their breakfast sandwiches are off the chain

melow em

This is a great deli I am glad I had a chance to try it as I am not usually in the area. The BLT was really delicious and fresh. Iced coffee was really on point and lifted my overall mood. Hopefully I can visit again soon.

Nafeesa Moti

If you’re looking for authentic deli sandwiches, then this is the place to check out. It’s become a tradition on weekends to get breakfast sandwiches and the lunch hero. It is definitely shareable because it is HUGE. Overall, an awesome spot for delicious deli sandwiches and a nice variety of bakery items as well.

Natalie M

Every Saturday morning on my way to work gotta have my weekend sandwich.

Robert L.

Let me tell you, Mike's Deli was definitely outstanding. Clean and cute atmosphere. This place is immaculately clean and the menu items are always super fresh. I have nothing but best memories here. Mike's Deli, I'll be back the next time I'm in the neighborhood.

Joseph T.

Tried to call in a takeout order but couldn't connect so I stopped in. They're pretty quick to take orders. My fiancée had a bacon, egg, and cheese on a roll. She finished half her sandwich before I even opened mine up so that's a sign that it was pretty good. I had a roast beef and cheddar cheese on a hero with lettuce, tomatoes, oil, and vinegar. I was hoping to get fresh mozzarella but they didn't have any at the time. Solid sandwich. I appreciated how quickly everything was ready. We paired our sandwiches with an A.J. de Margerie Grand Cru; unfortunately no vintage. I thought it was a good Sunday brunch coupling.

Cynthia E.

Mike's Deli you are absolutely outstanding, I had a lovely experience here yesterday. Excellent mood, and service is quick. Everything we ordered was superb and the menu itself was to die for. Wonderful. Wonderful service and staff. Mike's Deli, I loved the experience.

eric mickles

Pricy but food is good.. $7 dollars for Turkey bacon BLT.. smh

Alfonse Salamina

Good breakfast

Vinny lopresti

Mikes deli is the best.I love there BLT’s yummy...And I look forward to start morning at mikes to get my day going. PS they have plenty of bagels & rolls...

Rebecca R.

If it weren't for my boyfriend, I would have never discovered this gem - so shout out to him. Mike's is one of my favorite local breakfast spots. I am an absolute sucker for their baconeggandcheese on a croissant. :p

Kirsten Friedlein

Great food & plenty of it for the prices!

Carmen Gaud

Very good service

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