Little Caesars Pizza

2309 Eggert Rd, Tonawanda
(716) 831-1400

Recent Reviews

Aniya Legacy

Customer service was great !!! I come here on a regular basis, enough to know there’s new employees. New emps are great though! Super nice & working hard. Loving the cool work environment they have set. Would recommend my friends to come here & meet them!!!

Vicki Maxick

It was delicious ? I just finished some and I enjoyed it.I could smell it in the car all the way home .


Little Caesar don’t taste the same.. pizza taste like frozen pizza now days

Dawn McCarthy

I had a very bad experience at this location. I ordered online and went to pick it up but I couldn’t get an actual answer from anyone on how long it would take (spoiler alert: 45 minutes). I understand they were super busy but when you give your name to someone literally 6 times and you do not get an answer but other customers are it is frustrating. I will never order from this place again.

Charles Palumbo (Chuckie P.)

Simple easy meal with good food for a takeout joint!!


Horrible experience. Horrible employees. Rude and the girl who cashed me out and had ear buds in. Come to find out what took her so long to cash me out after I told her my order was that she was standing there texting on her phone, instead of putting my order in on the register. I know LC pizza isn't gourmet pizza or anything and I've had it before, but it's bad when you have to throw it out when you get home is made that bad. This place is to be decent, but the new employees need to get training in customer service.

Rose Ingrao

People that work there are rude, unprofessional, swearing, dropping “F” bomb , doesn’t matter if kids are in there or not. Looks like a bunch of people just picked up off the street and put behind the counter. Worst experience ever. This place is a joke. Don’t waste your time!!

Tony Garcia

Great service, and delicious pizza!!

Greg Taylor

The wait time was ridiculous and know one seems to have anything ready or in order or know what was going on no leadership

Tony Stark

Great service, and delicious pizza!!

Organic Flatbread

Ordered ahead nothing was ready. 1 pizza came out. Then this dude who was so high he couldn't explain that he dropped the pizza . So now I've got one hot pizza and one ice cold pizza.


This is the absolute worst little caesars in the entire country. I’ve tried their pizza three times, all three times they were terribly made. The workers are most likely the problem. I travel the country for work, I eat little caesars all the time, and none are as bad as this place.

Bills Fan 1417

Never have seen a place ran so poorly. Waited approx 45 minutes for a door dash order, which led to the order being late to the customer. Others waiting for an hour or more!!! One guy walked out! Yet numerous boxes of pizza were sitting around on their back counter, and likely getting cold. Employees were incredibly rude, and talking loudly about other customers in the back instead of making food. This is definitely inappropriate and uncalled for. I work in the restaurant industry myself, and understand it can be difficult, but the service, and their behavior, were highly unacceptable.

Ian M.

I give this place three stars for the floor show. If you want to stop in just to chuckle and shake your head at some surly, ineffectual youth walking around with apathetic sour attitudes that they themselves don't even understand the reasoning behind, then this is the place! You'll eventually get some ok pizza too. It might actually be interesting to just stand there without ordering a thing for a half hour or so and watch the fun. If anyone asks if you've been taken care of just say yes (they won't know one way or the other). Marvel as you see the confusion and frustration mount as these precious little ones wrack their brains trying to discern why they can't get rid of this one customer. In summation this place functions much better as a side show than a pizza place. Great fun!

Tj Rains

Generally pretty good. Exactly what you would expect, although if you go at one of their busier times - occasionally your pie might not receive as much love as it would have if it was not a busy time. This is to be expected anywhere you order food, even if at home and rushing. Well done

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