Slick Willie's Sports Bar

2316 Niagara Falls Blvd, Tonawanda
(716) 743-8233

Recent Reviews

Rj Chandler

Blonde bartender was very cool, when we were from out of town she told us about all the spots we needed to check out! Excellent food and drinks, wings especially. Excited to come back next time we're in town

Edward Mank

Good service and drinks were reasonable

SME To Infiniti & Beyond

A nice fun place for whatever you're in the mood for, good eats, drinks, & massive sports bar

Join The Black Parade

I wasn’t pleased. The woman who bartended did an excellent job considering her resources (plastic cups, limited selection of liquors, no stemmed glasses for martinis, etc). She conjured up a very tasty whiskey sour as well as a fantastic Long Island iced. The plastic cups felt tacky, but that’s a small issue.My real issue is this: I ordered a pint of Guinness, which Slick Willie’s has on tap. The bartender poured it correctly and immediately brought it to me. it was room temperature. As in not cold. At all. No refrigeration for the tap. And no, that’s not “how they serve it in Ireland,” before anyone thinks up that lame excuse.Again, credit to the bartender for doing what she can with what she has, but how can I possibly rate a pub that literally doesn’t keep its beer cold any higher than two stars?

Alan Clarke

This was the only bar open we could find. They were very friendly.

James Swygert

Nice chill relaxing place. Only negative to me is it's cash only

Tom B.

This place is awesome. Great wings , great deals on drinks, also awesome appetizers. Me and the boys will go to slick willies for the rest of our lives.

Ashlie Logue

If you know, you know. Little known secret... best quesadilia in Buffalo!

Rah Habeeb

Always have a great time at this place. Cheap drinks good food pool music. A go to for me an the Mrs.

Steve Yox Jr.

Slick willies is great! Love the cheap food and beers. Amherst doesn’t have a large bar scene so slick willies really does the trick!

Sandra Sungoddess

Clean but quiet. Downfall was blonde bartender would rather play cards with customers then be prompt to serving other patrons who are eating and drinking.

Patsy Fuller

Great wings & pizza. Service is excellent :)

Seth A

Emily is pretty much family! I can't wait till this place is allowed to rage again! Great food and nice prices

Cassandra Closson

First time here. Great football Sunday specials! Fun atmosphere! Really enjoyed this this place.


Great place, with regulars, lots of TVs, a huge bar with super bar tenders and the food is super bar far with a few extras. The pizza is the sleeper on the menu, like REALLY GOOD

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