Buffalo Wild Wings

310 W State St, Alliance
(330) 821-9464

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Dylan Motz

I placed an online order for 730 , I got there with one guy waiting on an order, i gave them my name and they told me it still has a few more minutes. Fast forward about 20 minutes, i still don’t have my food. Two people came in got their online orders and i was still waiting. Finally got my food, I did the BOGO boneless wings with a pretzel knots. the pretzel knots were delicious, only got the cheese sauce and no mustard sauce. the wing sauce was so scares it was almost naked.. no ranch as i selected either.. only upside about the whole experience was the staff member was really nice.

Daniel Joel

Food is delicious and our server was great. They cut the staff for the day so our server was hosting and taking care of us. She did a wonderful job and made the experience well worth it.

scott henthorne

Food was good. Only issue is that I think they had one waiter for the whole place on a Sunday afternoon. He was amazing. Just tough to find help.

David Radabaugh

Good stuff. The waitress informed us about specials and the best way to order what we wanted. Brisket was ok....if you go to BWs, stick with their wings....they weren't built on sandwiches for sure

Chantelle Bodendorfer

The girl laughed when I called I’m to say something about no chips for my dip, the hamburger that said no cheese on our recipe, but I guess in their end it said it. Then wanted to know if I was coming back in tonight mind you we spend $100! If I wasn’t talked to like I was stupid for calling with a messed up order I guess I wouldn’t be so mad. I work customer service and they are really didn’t didn’t handle it professional at all.

Joe Stolz

The service was OK. Server forgot to order stuff. Claimed she didn't hear us. Which means she quit listening after she asked about appetizers. Probably assumed we were going to say no. We still wanted it so we ordered it halfway through the meal anyway. The wings weren't. They were cold and very dry. The Buffalo sauce barely registered any heat. Place was clean.

Ellie Lashley

When in around 9pm was told there was a 30-40 minute wait time for two people and we said that’s fine , gave them my number and waited out in the car. Well it’s 11 pm with no call or anything. The parking lot is pretty empty and there’s hardly anyone in the restaurant now. Wait time was ridiculous to even come in. So now we’re on the way to Applebees with no wait time to finally have some dinner. Not to mention everytime we order to go the orders always wrong and the wings have very little sauce and they taste old and hardly ever warm. Terrible place.

Cindy Shinn

The food was good and the waitress was excellent. She did a wonderful job of taking care of us . She was busy but still kept drinks refilled and brought our food out in a timely manner. We will eat there again.

Ruby Carter

I love BW3! But I ordered 60 wings. We didn’t get all our veggies. They did call and make things right. It’s nice to known that they care about their costumers to go that extra mile to fix mistakes.

Tyler Maxwell

Absolutely terrible waited hours for cold wings and cold fry’s the whiskey tastes watered down and DIRTY DISHES has old ketchup on my plate … I never even used ketchup and it was still soft on the plate not crusted up NASTY. And slow

David Scherb

Must've picked a bad day to go to this place. Service was slow, food was less than par and it took most of the hour I was there to put an out-of-market NFL game on a TV that was previously playing the Home Shopping Network.

Linda Black

My mom is in the ICU at Aultman Alliance Community hospital , which is no more than 3 minutes away. When I got to the room the food was COLD. FRENCH FRIES NOT EDIBLE. CHIKEN WINGS WEREN'T BAD BUT COLD!!!!!!! I would have taken it back if the snow wasn't coming down like rain. I'll never buy anything from them again. I had the audacity to tip ? before I knew how SORRY IT WAS.

Shannon Bosworth

I ordered. Boneless wings along with an order to take home for my son. After paying and walking my date to the car, she commented that I’d forgotten my son’s wings. I walked back in to find that my wings had been tossed. 3 minutes had passed. We were literally parked in front and someone could have simply walked them out or waited all of 5 minutes to pitch them. It was 3 o’clock on a Thursday and it wasn’t busy at all.

Greg Broadwater

The food was great and our waitress was awesome, but slammed. The Manager Tyler, needs serious leadership training. I have been in a management position most of my life and this guy hasn't a clue. After reading through the reviews,, it's obvious that he should probably look at a career in hanging drywall. I will be speaking to the General Manager.

Daniel T Day

Great food. Waitresses were busting there butts. Seen great effort from all of them, great work.

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