Gionino's Pizzeria

1690 S Union Ave, Alliance
(330) 821-9444

Recent Reviews

Jason Thompson

I ordered a pizza it was amazing I was craving it for couple days it is so delicious hot and fresh you guys are my favorite pizza place in town

nancy saunier

Nice folks busy but polite. Thanks

Christine Shankle

The girl who took my order in Alliance was Amazing ! I think her name was Christy .She was so accommodating ? And the driver was so nice, and polite and went out of his way for us . ?? This was the BEST service from ANY Pizza Shop we have had this year ! Way to go Gioninnos !! We will definitely spread the word . Thank you

Adam Serrano

Every time I called them it was a disappointment. Either they stop taking chicken and delivery orders 2 hours before close or they don't even answer the phone.

Geoff Weaver

If there's a better chain pizza in and around Stark County, I've not had it. The buffalo chicken is delicious!

James Gonzalez

Its one of the best out of all the Gioninos pizza shop around. Friendly and amazing food

Rare Earthwalker

Great pizza. Hands down the best in town. Great prices, too! Though, if you get delivery, you better be prepared to wait. Recommend pick up.

Keith Whiddon

Good prices and merchandise you can't find anywhere else. You don't need to have a farm to shop here. Outstanding tool and electrical selection.

Bernadine Bowser

We love Gioninos Pizza but not the best today. We ordered light sauce and double cheese. Didn't get either one.

Jen Greeneisen

Terrible costumer service. Store closes at 9pm not 10. You never know what your gonna get they will make your order their way and then get an attitude because it’s not what you want or what you order.

lisa perduk

Love Gioninos mac and cheese pizza!

Paul Miller

Chicken is still fabulous. Hot..tasty..get bbq sauce on the side.yummy

Lee Murphy

My pizza was smothered in toppings and held together by loads of delicious cheese, perfection!

Carrie Robson

Good pizza and great service. They were a couple of minutes behind when I got there. I paid and went back to the car and they brought it out to me when it was done. So nice!

Scott Rock

Friendly and helpful. The crust is good quality, superior to most chain pizzerias. The cheese was excellent. I thought that the sauce could use a little more kick. The garden and BBQ chicken pizzas were very good. Overall, not pricey then many chains, but superior quality to make it worth it

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