La Fresa Express

437 E State St, Alliance
(330) 680-8889

Recent Reviews

Aimie Thomas

I can’t often sell my husband on Mexican food but he really liked this. We both had the chicken burrito and it was excellent. We also asked for the house sauces and their green sauce (not sure what it’s called) was amazing! Their house spicy sauce is spicy but a good spicy. Everything tastes fresh. We did get tacos to sample also. I can’t wait to try their horchata! We will be back!

Nowhere To Be Bus

Delicious, authentic, and fresh. We had tacos, the Burrito Fresa, and their home made juices. Everything was great!

Alexandra Lopez

We were traveling from Washington state to Virginia, my cousin told me to stop by and get some food to go. Their food is so delicious and there fresh waters are amazing. The strawberry horchata so good.

Miranda Skye

That was awesome ? we tried this weird cake that tasted like pudding . The cheese dip was perfect. Everything was good.

Ian McGrath

Delicious, flavorful food, unique sodas, and friendly staff. This place is great! Definatley try a steak burrito fresa!

Newport Lucy

Love this place!! I got the Cuban sandwich and two regular tacos and two street style tacos. The Cuban sandwich is a meal in it's self literally. The taco's we're really great. This was enough food for two people to get stuffed to the gills and only cost a little over $20.00. Great value for what you get. Awesome authentic Mexican food.I definitely recommend La Fresa Express to anyone looking for a great meal. From order to pick up was just 15min. I couldn't ask for anything more. Great job 5 stars!!

brookelyn smith

I’ve never ever wrote a review on restraint before but I looked this place up just to. This is the best burritos I’ve had in so long! Nothing like the basic chipotle and hot heads in alliance, they have there own amazing taste to them and don’t get me started on there fricking salsas. I most definitely recommend this place to all ages and people

Deanna V

Love their chorizo taco and everything chorizo! If you want authentic Mexican food go here. Their street tacos are worth it. It's real street tacos with corn tortillas and lime!

Andrea Ramirez (Andiliion)

Best Mexican in this town for sure! The service was great, the staff is really nice.I come from an area that has a high Hispanic population so I know what good Mexican tastes like. This food/flavors could be better in my opinion, but overall it is still really tasty and I’m always going back for the burrito fresa and horchata! This is the only place where I can get horchata in town, so a huge plus lol!

Ramona Moore

I came from California and this is the closest I can get to getting Mexican food like I can get out there. PLUS they're the only place in town that has horchata!

Carly Federico

Everything was so flavourful and the service was fast and friendly. I'm definitely telling all my friends to order out from La Fresa. It's not too far from Mount Union's campus, so students should be able to get a quick bite!Yummy!

Gullah Gamez

Hands down the best authentic food aound!!! Staff is polite and its very cool to learn about the different things they have on their menu their origins!Oh yea all i can say is "Steak Nachos!"

Kyle Crison

Quick, reasonably priced and absolutely delicious.

Kirsten Oxley

FINALLY! I moved back here to my home town and drug my husband (from Colorado) with me. It's been disappointing attempting to find a legitimate place to remind him of home. La Fresa is a winner!!!! We have zero complaints! the tongue tacos were so delicious, the meat was cooked properly and had the perfect texture and flavor.

Missy McDermitt

Amazing food! Had chicken tacos and the popsicles are life changing!

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