721 E State St, Alliance
(330) 823-5308

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Robyn Lockner

The driver thru line moved rather quickly, but it was lunch time. I got my drinks, only to find the Dr. Pepper was out and the cup was full of CO2... They refused to take the nasty cup back to their it away, then they didn't believe me and had to put some and taste it for themselves to turn around and tell me to pick something else to drink because they were busy and didn't have time to change it... All while handing me yet another bag of food.... Which was the car behind me.... They took that back tough... Do they refuse to take back their error products, yet have absolutely no outside trash cans anywhere near the drive through.

Terry Moore

Ordered a sandwich and a meal. Got two sandwiches and a drink. No fries. Employees at the window were too busy talking to give us their full attention.

Debbie Shields

The service and rudness of employees surprise me. It isn't as clean as pre Covid.

Dezi Hunter

Employees were friendly, and the food was hot, but the floor was slippery and they forgot my hash brown.

Dean's Toybox

Good food, decent service

Jessica “Mortalscorpio13” Warrick

French fries are always good... Wish they would bring back the big and tasty though.. for real? how they guna bring back the Mcrib which is just awful in my opinion and not bring back the legend of deliciousness that is known only as The Big and Tasty... It's an outrage I say! Other then that McDonald's is great and fyi and just so yall know.. the second best thing is to get a double cheeseburger ketchup only and then dip it in sweet n sour sauce it's the shiznittlebamsnapple and y'all can thank me later after you try it.

Daniel Joel

This McDonald's is fast but not very friendly. There are a couple cashier's who are very friendly but feel lucky if your food isn't tossed into the car before the front window operater walks away without saying a word

Dave Kuitunen

Not a bad place but always check your order before you leave the window.

Samantha Baddeley Mann

I was just there with a coupon to buy 1 get 1 free quarter pounder. I did not want pickles, ketchup or onions on it. I wanted lettuce, tomato & mayo. When I get to the window she tells me I cannot use the coupon because that is considered a deluxe. it already comes with pickle, lettuce, tomato, onion & ketchup. What is the difference!! Take off the pickle, onion & ketchup add mayo. Ridiculous, $11.78 for 2 burgers nothing else. And then when I get it home it's sloppy all over with ketchup, onion, pickle (which I hate) and lettuce, tomato & mayo. what a mess.

Kavah lol

The food is always good here. The only bad thing here is that they have 2 lines at the drive thru I think that it's just easier to have one so you don't have to ask which is your order. But their food is great.

William Staufer

Almost never get order right and always expect you to come back for something they made a mistake on with out making it right Me wasting my gas and just offering the food I ordered the first time isn't making it right.I can def tell this a owner who doesn't care about his customers mind you I was short changed and waited 45 mins for them to count there register 3 times was told they didn't short changed me so I called corporate and got a call from the owner and was told they found out what happened and didn't even offer me my food replacement being it wasn't edible after sitting there for 45 mins. They also kept the money they short changed me

Randomness With Me

The food is always good here. The only bad thing here is that they have 2 lines at the drive thru I think that it's just easier to have one so you don't have to ask which is your order. But their food is great.


Be careful eating here I had a hair in my chicken sandwich

Astro YTPS

I personally come here for hash browns and sweet tea in the morning before work and the tea is always fresh has browns are always hot n fresh, i work nearby and my car died in the parking lot during covid in the freezing cold i asked if i could come inside and wait on Triple A to arrive and the allowed me inside to sit and wait to get jumped. above average

Tiffany Ratliff

I was there on March 17th, at the drivethrough, and ordered a milkshake. It was $4.09 and as I took my first sip I realized it was warm and extremely runny. It was the consistency of milk. I called in to the store and the manager put me on hold because as she stated, she had to go pee. Then when I explained that I did not get a milkshake which is supposed to be cold and have a bit of thickness to it, but rather a $4.09 warm mint flavored cup of milk, she said that she knew th

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