New China

337 E State St, Alliance
(330) 823-5600

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Brittany Noll

Ordered 39 dollars worth of take out only to bite in and find our chicken was raw. Called to get it sorted and they said to bring it back in and they will cook it more. I told them first time was enough for us and We have lost our appetite and would prefer a refund they refused stating they cool it twice so there's no way it is raw.

Zach Kingan

New china in alliance ohio has to be the best Chinese food in town! My family frequently wants takeout from other places such as hibachi, but ALWAYS have to sneak in my own order of new china because it's that good! And even though they haven't opened up their dining area again yet, I will still gladly go pick it up and eat at home to scratch that chinese food itch that they hit so well!

Jake Castellucci

The food is bland. Literally no flavor. The chicken was like chewing on rubber that tasted like noodle water.

Susan McLaughlin

I ordered chicken lo mein tonight & it was awful!! It had no flavor at all. Just unflavored noodles (no sauce), chicken, & a few bits of vegetables (some of witch had black spoiled spots). I have no desire to order here again.


Cold, Undesirable food. Horrible service for Dashers/Deliveries. Horrible and Rude owner. NOT RECOMMENDED…

Dean's Toybox

Slow wait, but really good food

Bruce Barnjum

Best Chinese food in the area. Made fresh when you order.Custom orders not a problem. Steve & Candy are the nicest people you'll ever meet. Highly recommended...Five Stars


Very tasty food..Restaurant appears very well kept and clean. Orders are carefully packed and hot..

lisa perduk

Will not go back! TAKE YOUR MONEY ELSEWHERE! Girl who took order on phone was LESS then skilled at customer service, whispered into the phone, and was unwilling to make a substitution from the rice,which I cannot have, to a simple small egg roll. She made me upgrade from just a small order to a combo, costing me more and wasting food. The food itself, was expensive, and TASTELESS!!! I ASKED FOR SPICY, AND GOT 3 CHILI PEPPER SEEDS ON TOP. FLAT. AWFUL FRIED RICE--NO PEAS OR CARROTS,LOOKED AND TASTED LIKE ONE OF THOSE BAGS OF RICE FROM WALMART YOU MAKE ON YOUR STOVE. AWFUL CHINESE FOOD! IN THESE TIMES OF TRYING TO HELP MA AND PA STORES, I WILL TAKE MY MONEY ELSEWHERE! WILL NOT GO BACK TO NEW CHINA!

moonlit rose

Best chinese food in the city! People even come from out of town to get it! Never got bad food here like the other places!!

Wendy Kilbreath

Best Chinese food in this area! Great service!

Stephanie Haberland

Was hoping to dine in but they only have take out. Not much in the way of service with a smile. The food is average at a fair price. What is visible appears to be clean.

Marcia Van Orsdale

Haven't been in years, was still as good as I remember. The order was correct and hot.

Vinton L. Smith IV

To start with they are rude msot of the time. Never answer the phone and again, rude. They close before the time they are supposed to and don't answer the phone then either. Food is sub par. Not the worst but by far the best. Go to lucky star in North Canton if anything. Portion sized are normal. The teriyaki beef is over prices and small portioned. Chicken usually dry. The noodles are freeze dried trash you get from the store not even real low mein/chow mein noodles. Very disappointed. Alliance needs a better Chinese restaurant they're all garbage here like most places in general.


I can't understand why they stopped delivering due to covid, but yet I can walk in their restaurant and pick up food. Does this make sense to anyone????. I was told this by an employee that answered the phone, I just can't comprehend the logic. Love the food.

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