El Toro Bravo Of Cincinnati

3816 Paxton Ave, Cincinnati
(513) 321-4222

Recent Reviews

Holly Huffman

Tried on a whim. Excellent food and service. The Carne Azteca and the Molcahambres were delicious. Music was a little loud initially, but they turned it down soon after we were seated.

Beel Mars

Food was good, service was fast and friendly. Enjoyable time

Steve Phillips

Very friendly customer service however, they take there time providing service to tables. Other then that great food

Brian Ross

Food was good! Quick service

Mike Tabet

We enjoy both the food and the service. We eat at El toro twice a week. I really enjoy the service that we get from Pablo. He is absolutely professional.Keep up the good work Pablo.

Garrett Marker

Lost all it's character. The recent renovation has taken the ambiance inside from subtle traditional Mexican restaurant to Black, Brown, more Black and more Brown. The floor, walls, furniture and even ceiling are either brown or black, with no color anywhere. There are lights on the walls with exposed bulbs too bright to look at. I beg the owners to bring back color and character to their restaurant. The service and food is excellent as it was before, but sitting inside the restaurant is no longer enjoyable, like it used to be. Super disappointed.

Bill Manning

I love the food here so I took some friends and family to try and see how they like it. They are now going to make this one of their regular places. Everyone I've ever brought here become regulars because the food and service are so awesome. Come try it out for yourself!

Deanna Johnson

Great service. Root beer and taco salad is the best!!

Tvocalist Bishop

The food and service is amazing!!! It’s fast and hot and the drinks are ??

Jay N.

Not sure how this place is as well rated as it is. Simply put the service is good and if you dine in, chips and salsa come in warm and in a timely fashion. That kinda where the good ends. Food, while affordable, lacks quality, flavor, and possibly freshness. My last visit was quickly shortened after I ordered the Carne Asada. Tough, thin, non tender, and over cooked meat was delivered alongside odd tasting rice and beans. The fried ice cream that followed continued to the streak of unappetizing dining. Good, attentive service and a standard atmosphere complicated by low quality food. I'd personally have no problem spending another 5 to 10 dollars here if it meant higher quality food. Certainly at that point this would be a four star review.


We had a family dinner where we all had various options. The food was good and also pretty spicy. We all enjoyed and would go back. This is good Mexican food in the Hyde Park area.

Amber Drew

Loved it, had the appetizer botana combinada as a meal itself, filled me up fast, gave me a little taste of everything as it was my first time here, definitely had a foodgasm ? the only thing that I didn't like was that it made my stomach hurt after, only because I have acid reflux tho, overall it was amazing and I was served quickly :)

Rachel Berdan Haney

Awful service. The system was down and after waiting 15 minutes for our check, we asked again politely if we could have our check since we needed (2 moms here) to get our kids from school. The manager said, “Well, our system is down. What do you want me to do about it?” We said we didn’t know, but that we did need to get going, so could he help us. He then said, “Well, you can come back later and pay your bill.” We said we couldn’t do this as we live in Kentucky and his resp

Rachel H.

This place gives awful service from the higher ups. Their system was down and after waiting for 15 minutes for our check, we politely asked again if we could have it since we needed to pick up our kids from school. The manager said, "Well, our system is down. What do you want me to do about it?" They wanted us to wait there indefinitely for the system to come back up when it had been 20 min at this point. We asked him to help us since we wanted to pay for our meal and get going to get our kids. He said we'd just have to continue to wait. My friend said, "So we're just supposed to leave our kids at school? (5 elementary kids)" and he nodded at us. He then told us we could come back later to pay our bill. When we expressed that we lived 45 minutes away, he said it was not his problem. We told him that wasn't an option, so he just yelled, "Fine! I'll pay for your meal!" As we left (with a 5 year old child who was with us), he continued to verbally berate us for not paying a bill that he could not give us. Furthermore, he wasn't wearing a mask during any of this when they have mask regulations on the door. It was truly one of the most awful customer service experiences I have ever had. Avoid this place at all cost. The food isn't worth dealing with the employees.

Chris T.

If you're looking for good food and great service definitely check out El Toro in Hyde Park. As soon as you walk in you are greeted by their friendly staff. The manager is always walking around making sure everyone is being taken care of. The atmosphere is great especially on Fridays. You can definitely tell the workers care about their customers. They always have a smile on their faces and working hard! 10/10 would recommend.

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