Mayas Indian Restaurant

4486 W 8th St, Cincinnati
(513) 244-7300

Recent Reviews

Eric Schmidt

Consistently poor service and poor quality food. I've been there about four times since they opened, there are a few doors away from my house. I was excited when they opened, and I've given them several chances, but I've never had anything but poor service and bad food. You can hammer and nail with their samosas.

Rahshidah Washington

Authentic and very delicious Indian food. My favorites are the lamb saag, vindaloo, and dal, but I plan to try everything in the menu

Crystal Berry

Haven't been there in over a year because of how slow they are and nothing has changed. He still lies and say 5 more minutes and you're waiting 20 or more minutes. If you don't know how to deal with customers close your doors for good will never return

Leslie Wymer

Delicious and fresh, friendly atmosphere. I do recommend.

Troy M King

Amazing Indian food! I highly recommend this place!

Nate K.

Alright, the taste of your Paneer Makhani was top notch, 2nd best of all the Indian restaurants I've tried. The flavor of the sauce was incredible, complex, and absolutely delicious! I could tell your Paneer was freshly made which is definitely appreciated, I can't stand the rubber taste of processed paneer. The price and quantity of food were unbeatable! The only issue I had was possibly due to using Canola oil in the rice or Paneer Makhani. I detox every day and Canola oil is inflammatory and causes me issues.

Jeanette Jeneault

Had really wonderful food. We started with vegetable samosas yum. Then we had chicken tiki masalaand lamb saag. The saag was unexpectedly savory and of course very rich. My husband really enjoyed his as well. The rice was perfect. One warning the spicy Naan is very spicy. It actually ended up being taken home as it interfered with enjoying the subtler taste of the food. The Naan itself was a bit odd too. It almost seemed like a thin focaccia. Still it was excellent on its own.

Nikki Christine

I ordered Ubereats from Mayas and it was one of the best indian meals I've had! The portions were huge. And perfectly spiced. I had the Shahi paneer. I will definitely be recommending this place to friends.


Consistently high quality, delicious food. Entrees are huge, service excellent. One of the best Indian restaurants I have ever eaten at. Highly recommend.

Oge Muhgoje

1st visit. Had Chicken Tikkasaag take out. Delicious. Gentleman who I ordered from & then subsequently paid was very pleasant.

johnnygain Game

Restaurant is extremely clean , I mean very very clean . For the price I paid , food was a huge portion. Goat curry had a lot of meat in it and bread was huge . Food was very good and owner very friendly . Keep up the good work . We love your restaurant!

Ben Gaddis

Place was super clean, staff was super nice and helpful, and the food was amazing! Thank you so much guys!

Marygrace A.

A surprisingly delicious West side addition, you definitely have to check it out! The portions are plentiful and everything here is delicious. Obviously garlic naan, chicken tikka masala, saag paneer are the most popular and they are all very good. You can choose your spice level 1 through 10. My favorites are the chicken bartha (eggplant) and the chili Gobi (cauliflower). If you call in your order, they have it ready, but keep in mind they do get really busy around dinnertime.

Charlotte G.

SUCH a good choice - we were glad we made the journey out of downtown Cincinnati while we were visiting. The shrimp tandoori was different than ones we've had in the past - as I am used to ones that are more of a dry rub versus a sauce, but it was great. Recommend shrimp tandoori and chicken tikka at a 4 here if you like spice but not too much.

Gary B.

We dined in the restaurant. The decor is nothing fancy; however, the food is delicious. We shared one appetizer, paneer papadi chat, and two entrees, shrimp saag, and chicken makhani, along with an order of naan. Everything was excellent. The appetizer was the best variation on the dish that I have found in many years. The entrees were just as good. We had leftovers that we took home for the next day. We've been back twice in the last two weeks and the food was just as good each time. We especially enjoyed the spinach pakora. It was almost addictive.

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