Sichuan Chili

10400 Reading Rd #205b, Cincinnati
(513) 376-7223

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Andrew Hou

Incredible authentic Sichuan food, if you order from the Sichuan menu. I highly recommend the pork belly with 梅菜 and the dry chili fish is a standout as well, but almost everything I've tried here is fantastic. Portions are generous and prices are fair, definitely give this joint a shot!

ericka b.

I'd seen previous reviews for this place, and decided to try it out. I was not disappointed. The only reason why I didn't give it 5 is because the website didn't state that it was carry out only. I must add, however, that they did have a (small) table where 2-4 customers could sit outdoors. Now, to the food...we ordered the Red Dry Chili Fish Filets, Dan Dan Noodles, and Bok Choy in a garlic sauce. Delicious! In hindsight, I would ask that the noodles spice level be prepared lower than the normal level, but overall the flavors were absolutely delicious!

Helena K.

It is very good Sichuan Chinese food. It is the best in Cincinnati. I love their fish in chili oil

Alexis D.

I've eaten at Sichuan Chili a number of times - too many to count, really. This review summarizes my many visits to this restaurant. Summary - Sichuan Chili is the best Chinese food I've eaten, with the exception perhaps of China, but there's a chance it is even better than the Chinese food I ate on my trips to China. I've lived in the SF Bay Area and it is better than any Chinese I ate there. When I am in Cincinnati, I make it a point to visit Sichuan Chili often. If you like Panda Express or American Chinese, you may be disappointed by Sichuan Chili. While they have an American menu and can prepare food that way, that is not why you come here. You come to Sichuan Chili for authentic Chinese food with spices that you will feel down to your toes (not a good metaphor, but I couldn't come up with anything better). If you get the food spicy, you will feel it. And I mean that in a good way, but if you do not like spicy, beware. Some of our go tos: - Mapo Tofu. This is ridiculously good. Crazy good. It is rich and oily, but it is delicious. In this dish, they liberally use Sichuan chilis... those are the chilis that can make your mouth a little numb. Hot Pepper Chicken - this dish is loaded with jalapenos. It is tasty. It can be really spicy. Definitely a go to. Hot and Sour Soup - I happen to like this version of hot and sour. My kids don't like it so much. It is very peppery (like black pepper). It doesn't have as much vinegar tang as at some restaurants, but it is good. Eggplant (I don't recall which, they have a few) - this is a good dish. Nice sweetness to go along with the eggplant. Lamb and scallion - this dish reminded me of Mongolian beef. It was not very lamby, for those of you who think lamb can be gamey. It was extremely smoky and flavorful. We try to get something new when we go. There menu is big. And because they have both a Chinese menu and an American menu, it is bigger than most Chinese restaurants. I don't remember some of the other things we've ordered, but we normally happy when we explore.

Jonathan B.

Fantastic authentic Sichuan. Mala chicken! Terrific hole in the wall. Check out the Chinese menu!

Nick B.

This is the best Sichuan restaurant I have been to in the US. I tried so many dishes here and the green fish soup was my favorite. My only regret here was that I could not hold more food because i seriously did not want to stop eating.

Konrad Thorner

If it wasn't obvious already, order from the Sichuan menu. I got the chicken dry chili stir fry and minced pork with eggplant, both had amazing flavor! Portions are also generous. Only complaint is a little too much salt.

Lauren S.

Great take out spot. General Tso was typical, sweet and sour chicken was very good and extra crispy, and the hot and sour soup was spot on. The highlight of all was the Mala chicken. Folks, this is spicy! Very flavorful and not on the "usual" Chinese menu in the US. It was perfectly sauced with hints of ginger, scallion, fish sauce and plenty of fresh chilies; shown here.

Alex Cross

Exceptional place for Chinese food! The pepper chili chicken is incredible. They also make a delicious fried rice. If you are in the area, give this place a shot!


You can order Americanized dishes or from the Sichuan menu. I'm a wimp when it comes to spice, but I loved the dry chili fish fillets. Definitely hot for us but manageable. Eggplant with garlic is excellent. Since COVID, doing takeout only.

Renee P

I’ve heard nothing but good things about this restaurant from friends and family and I am so glad we finally got the chance to drive down and try it out. If you want authentic Szechuan flavours this is a great place to get food from. Service was super speedy from when we put in our takeout order (about 10-15 minutes). We had ordered the green beans, salt and pepper tofu, and Dan Dan noodles during our first visit and we can’t wait to go back to try more! The Dan Dan noodles pack a wonderful punch of ma la (麻辣) spice. I love that they have more authentic Chinese food options as well. We are definitely looking forward to going back and trying more of their menu!

Chris B.

Hands down the best Chinese food I've ever tasted! Recommend the sizzling lamb if you like spice. Only Chinese food I'll ever order in Cincinnati moving forward

Patrick aylward

Phenomenal. The cooks in our community are incredible. You can get all kinds of great food all over the city. Sichuan Chili will become another cornerstone for our family. The wife got fried chicken bits with this super spicy Sichuan chili’s tossed around. OMFG serious new favorite, it makes me understand the kids obsession with flaming hots. I got the beef Sichuan in sauce, really great. Just not as good for me as the wife’s chicken. Can’t wait another visit. Y’all better start running there.

Ryan Bowers

Truly authentic sichuan cuisine with many other Chinese food offerings. The servings are quite big and this is best experienced as a family-style meal, if possible. The spicy food is very spicy, but not at any expense to the flavors! The menu is huge and I still haven't gotten through half of it...but I plan to!

Stefanie R.

Spicy, delish and fast service. My go-to for Chinese. The baby bok choy with garlic is the best!

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