6641 Dixie Hwy, Fairfield
(513) 874-4756

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rafael Rivera

No glove ,not clean t,dont let you use the restroom and price wayup...don waste your money.

Allison K.

Horrible it's so bad I wanted to give it a zero.Can't explain but never going here ever again!

Shaunda Barnett

I came in on a Monday May 9th to order my son's custom made cake for his Birthday! Welll I was told that the employee couldn't help me that her manager had to help. Well he wasn't in. She told me to come back Tuesday around 12p.m. So I did and the manager was there. He told me I couldn't order a custom made cake that takes Longer to make. No one told me it takes a week to make a custom made cake! So I said okay what do you have? He show me some cake and than show me a pizza pie cake with Oreos on it. Never did he say you can't change the color or anything. He never said thats how it comes. I asked if he could make the cover blue? And Write Happy 8th Birthday Charles! You see you can't even make out what it says. My husband picked it like this. If it was me I wouldn't take it. I paid for it 2 days before because they said wouldn't make it if I didn't. So I called to complain, no answer ?! So I called corporate. Well they said that it's up to Manger how they handle it. Well the owner calls me today and doesn't handle to well. He says he will give me 5 dollers off. Like what! I said thats not right. Btw this isn't the 1st time this happened to me. I let that it go the 1st time but this is not good at all. And since the owner didn't handle it well I won't order another one. It looks like a per school done it! I am really upset and rate this a 1 star ?.

Lexi Richter

weirdest hours i’ve ever seen & they’re ALWAYS closed on the app. if y’all are that understaffed, either pay your employees more or just close the entire store.

Nicki Ruiz

Employees seemed surprised to have customers. Their instock items showed it. They must not do a lot of business, they seemed pretty unprepared. They don't even have a cash register up front, so the employee had to disappear with my credit card and phone so I could pay. I suggest going through the drive thru if you visit here. Quality was hard to gauge based on availability.

Danyell Whitaker

My coffee was perfect, but my food was burnt and a waste of my money. Should have saved my money as a drove 3 more minutes to another dunkin.

tammy abner

Store says they close at 7pm. Drove an hour to get here to buy my husband his favorite ice cream for his birthday and they are closed! Very disappointed!!!

Benni E

My daughter and I stood at the counter for a good while waiting for assistance. The dude finally comes out but he starts talking to another assclown that walked in talking about the toys he sold. Baskin Robbins no longer has 31 flavors(and I don't want to hear about it being combined) and the flavor I was looking for (which is on the website) he'd never heard of. Ice cream was disgusting(my kiddo said it tasted like peanut butter ice cream) and I'll never return to this location.

Crystal Souder

Love the cold brew coffee with sweet foam and the maple bacon croissant

Christina B.

They don't even deserve 1 star. Horrible service. Manager with multi colored hair should not be working in customer service. Hope upper management reads these reviews.

Ben Slabach

Went to get ice cream last night at 7:00 P.M. Google Maps said it was open until 9:00 P.M. Open sign said "open." False. They were closed.

Alexandra H.

I had to live in fairfield for 3 months while I was waiting to get my next home. While I was living here I was still working my dunkin Job at the north colerain location. I would go here to get my coffee on my days off since it was a 3 minute drive compared to driving 15 minutes just to my job go get my drink (it was just more convenient, so why not?) They constantly messed up my drink, even when it wasn't busy! I remember one time I had just ordered my drink, immediately pulled up to the window (reminder there was no line at all) the drink was already made and I even asked "you made it that fast?" I took one sip and it was bitter. It was really unacceptable but it was like this all the time. I'm a barista to for the same brand and don't pull this kind of baffoonery. Straight up lazy. I'm glad I only lived in this location for 3 months so I don't have to come here on my days off just for simple drink orders

Delwinna Leonhardt

Very rude when came in. Went in to get ice cream and use bathroom and wad rudely told that they could mot be used, and started to open restroom door while my husband and underage daughter in the restroom.

Alana Levy

About average for a Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins. Had to wait at the drive thru for 10 min.

Todd Henderson

Sign says open til 9pm. It's 7:30pm. Recording at drive thru says closed. No answer on phone.

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