Chipotle Mexican Grill

5410 Dixie Hwy, Fairfield
(513) 939-3600

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Juice L

I love this location, super fast. Workers are super observant and they switch out pans very quickly. I Always come in during lunch time. The workers are also clean and constantly change gloves after cleaning the counters.

Christina Nelson

Really excellent! Only thing, was mine or my husband's seemed to be a little too spicy for me, but it may have been the way my husband likes his chipotle bowl?!

Adam S

Worst managed chipotle in the Cincinnati area. There will be 3 employees standing around doing nothing while people wait to get their food made and once you get to the front of the line they will stand there and not ask if you want a burrito or bowl. A line of 5 people will take 20-30 minutes for this store to serve. It's actually unbelievable how poorly managed this chipotle is and how bad their customer service is. Happens almost everytime I come in to order food.

Malachi R.

Horrible customer service stood in line for 30 minutes. They care more about fulfilling online orders than the people in the actual restaurant. Annoyed. Would give 0 starts if possible.

Brian Clark

Fantastic location, but they need a beer license!

susanne buriff

This Chipotle was fairly busy and the staff kept the line moving along smoothly. I did, however, ask for some veggies and had to make do with the rather sad looking scraps at the bottom of the container. The carnitas was very fatty, soggy in texture and had a pale gray color (never had anything quite like it before). And, when I asked for lettuce, I was told there was none available. To be clear - the staff was friendly but the food was not what I have come to expect from Chipotle.

Stephanie C

This place has had a few chances. Is it because my boyfriend was the only white person in there that he had to wait to be served while the staff purposely didnt acknowledge him? Then everything he ordered (light beans which he receives heavy beans, extra lettuce he receives barely any) they either couldnt comprehend or it was intentional. Its sad because this is one of his favorite restaurants but we wont be back.

Beth Hornberger

Good food. Long wait due to orders coming in online and being filled while walk-in customers had to wait.

Amber Stefanski

No, you may NOT a ask to see my medical exemption. Similarly, I am NOT a required BY LAW a to wear something on my shirt to indicate that I have such an exemption. You are not the gestapo and you directly violated my rights and public ally tried to humiliate me. The Americans with Disabilities Act exists for a reason and you are not above the law.

Jessi Renner

I wish I could rate 0 stars ? I constantly give this place chances and they still continue to disappoint. I understand staffing may be an issue but waiting an hour for an online order is ridiculous.

BlueEye D.

I would give this a negative star if I could. I love chipotle but this location is terrible. Waited 30 minutes in line and when I got to the front they didn't seem to wanna be there. Terrible customer service. The girl on the line was standing there with her hands on her face. Didn't say a word to me. Terrible, she shouldn't be working there if she is gonna be that rude. The boy wasn't any better. Get a new crew.

Kara Butler

Didn't even want to give a star. My husband, 3 boys and I, ordered our food around 830 when leaving our sons baseball game in Colerain. Got there at 901 and we still had to wait 33 minutes....but heres the kicker. All for these kids, I mean, "employees" to help themselves.. proceeding to make their own food before helping anyone......and thought it was funny. In fact, I dont think they cared to notice the 2 guys that walked out after waiting 20 minutes. Step it up, kids. You're embarrassing.

Gina Hettesheimer

Great Food!!!No Sweet/Unsweet Tea? Boo!Looking at some of the replacement drink choices ?Where's the Kombucha? Am I in Cali now?

Chip Searle

First time visiting this location. Clean environment. Polite and friendly staff. Food was good and plentiful.


Quality of food ?? Quality of service and how they’re handling covid ?????? Rather eat a power bowl from Taco Bell.

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