Hot Head Burritos

690 Nilles Rd, Fairfield
(513) 858-4323

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Carl May

Very aggravated. I come here at least once a week. Tonight 9/5 I asked for veggies on my order. There was a small amount of just old burnt onions in the veggie bin. I asked for some fresh veggies and was told by the young lady “my manager says if we still have some on the line I can’t make more.” I pointed out that there weren’t any peppers in the small pile of what they called “veggies”. She told me “sorry my manager says no.” I asked the manger why I couldn’t have any

Heather Watson

You could start by finding employees with customer service skills. When I moved here 4 years ago I was so excited to live so close to a hothead but I've gone from eating it 2x a week 1x every 3+months because they're ALWAYS rude and NEVER EVER get the order right. How can you be a manager and not know that you offer walking tacos or how to make them? I'm really starting to wonder if this is just a money laundering store because otherwise, I cannot understand how it stays in business.

Cynthia Colegrove

Great service today. Food was hot and fresh. Tastes great. Good job. Thank you.

Chris Crum

Absolutely love this place im from southern indiana so I rarely get the option to eat here but I go every chance I get and I always get 2 burritos one for right then and one for later so I ordered my 2 burritos and ate the first one in the store and took the 2nd one home got home to find out the 2nd burrito had absolutely no meat on it I bought 2 steak burritos and got 1 and a veggie burrito mind u I live 2.5 hrs away so going back wasnt an option??‍♂️

Luke W

I enjoy the variety and the food is good, the environment is bland.

Mikka Smith

Overall it was pretty good,i personally like they have a larger selection of meat options with the spicy options included.

Nate Turkov

This is my favorite burrito place in Fairfield. The food is much fresher than that of Chipotle, and it is not nearly as loud as one too. You are greeted upon entrance and if not then most certainly by the time you get in line


Had some poor experiences here in the past, but more recently things have been improving. Keep of the great service!

Heather Martin

The food was cold and really bland. I had never been and wont come back. The manager was super rude up charging me for literally everything. I got half a spoon full or less. it was the smallest bowl I've ever had. Not to mention my bff got a 1/2 and 1/2 and they charged him for double taco meat? And up charged for pork? Who does this? My other bff watched and walked out before ordering. So embarrassing and so disappointing. Waste of cash. And I tip and pay well. I never mind being charged for good quality food and service.

513 Cane

Absolutely love this place! Way better than Chipotle! Lots of different choices of food and flavors.

Plus One Gaming

Had a fantastic experience with Hot Head in Fairfield yesterday for lunch. Had a Teriyaki Burrito Bowl and a Quesadilla. Food was excellent. Recommendations by my server, Ben, were great. Met the manager who was very friendly. Everything was clean and fast and polite. Delicious meal.

Cathy Garrison

Huge portions! Had pineapple, had to try it and was delicious


Tonight was easily the worst experience we have had at any Hot Head we've gotten food from. The manager was watching over each employee while they made our food and removing food from our bowls as they were being made. She COUNTED JALAPENOS that were put on our bowls. She might be great for overhead but she's awful for customer service. I don't think we'll be back until they decide feeding people is more important than the pennies saved on a couple of jalapenos.

Brittany Farrell

Our visit today was awful. My husband and I were in around 840pm, the manager came out. Was incredibly rude to her employees, her employees both looked like they were 5 seconds from quitting, she corrected them in front of us which is a manager 101 NO-NO.The cheese had tons of lettuce in it, thankful I can tolerate the taste. And the pop machine was off.My husband and I are both managers at our full time jobs, so a word of advice from 2 managers. Correct your employees I'm private NEVER in front of a guest.

Rob Williams

Service was slow. Food was okay but they scrimp on the toppings.

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