5800 Boymel Dr, Fairfield
(513) 874-1551

Recent Reviews

Daniel Valdez

Used app, went thru the drive thru, order was hot, fresh, and ready! Thank you

aubree Bryant

If I could leave no stars I would I sat in the drive-through at the speaker waiting for 10 minutes for someone to take my order all the while on the other side cars are getting their order taken and driving through and I asked for help and they told me they’ll be with me in a moment still while taking other peoples orders and not mine when I was there first. the worst McDonald’s experience I have ever had. I got no service and wasted my time

Just Jim

It's McDonald's. The food basically tastes the same at every location. The only thing that makes one McDonald's different from another is the attitude of the employees. This one is okay.

Jim Fannin

Still service and food as good as ever.With covid, had not been here for quite some time. Food super good and bountiful. Service as friendly and efficient as ever. We really enjoy there 5-way's and chillier dogs, my wife get chillier and cheese with no dog.

Melissa Maljan

Came in earlier today. I was wanting to use a deal on the app and it wasn't working. Fine just paid full.amount at the window. The girl had an attitude then the guy at window 2 was plain rude. Got my son a kids meal and my mother the number 9. When I took it to my Mom I had to blot off the grease... Then the ketchup and mustard was everywhere. And when did McDonald's start not allowing any sandwich to become a combo? Or hey..Ring up a fish and add a piece of fish to it. Wasn't thrilled

bipal gurung

If there is 0 rateing I’m happy to put zero at night pick up the order long drive thru as hell I’m at the window to pick up the order they not start the order they need more employees they all sleeping ? at the night

Jasmine Dallawon

Very slow service! Place is run by a bunch of rude a** children especially the stank face hazel eyed girl. Gone hand me my bag rudely and shut the window. Next time I AINT GONE BE NICE #IHOPESHESEETHIS!

Carol Dannhausen

Staff constantly pulling up pants, playing on phone, playing with their hair, wearing gloves for cooking but touching everything including their own drinks with the same gloves on. 15 minutes for a simple hamburger.

Jeff Bradshaw

Filet-O-Fish was decent, fries were good. Coke was refreshing. Decent speed on the drive-thru line. The crew were kind and courteous.

Jeph Me

Employees in uniform on the clock hanging around the dining room while long lines forming. They played music and videos loudly while taking about drugs and fighting. Using plenty of profanity and racial slurs. One employee sat down at my table uninvited and started yawing and stretching his arms back over my head in into my personal space. One then started throwing trash around in the dining room. What a joke of a establishment.

Horland V.C

The app work the way supposed to the only issue that I had is when I order my pumpkin coffee I didn't have no flavor whatsoever so yes it was an issue with whoever prepare my coffee besides that everything was good

Tara Hannig

It's the fastest drive thru in the MIDWEST LOL!

Emma Kate

The worker there was very rude. The child needs to be put into her place . Her name was Mya and I dare wouldn’t talk to anyone the way she talked to me very rude glad my kids were raised well

Queen Annie

Love the wuarter pounder i had my family and caucasian bf loves that fresh beef non frozen quarter punder microwave doesnt affect the juiciness of the new improved qp

bhanu Ghimirey

I'm experiencing too long waitingEmployees are delaying more than 20 minutesThey are not properly fulfilling the fast food standards

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