Milya Cafe

6116 Winton Rd, Fairfield
(513) 829-1476

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Sherry Bucher

Food is delicious and staff super friendly and so very helpful! Today was first visit for myself and my grandson. We will both be back, this is a new favorite for us.We had gyro platter, gyro wrap, falafel and baklava.We had the platters and the greek salad was great, the fries are like a double fried crisp tender fries and the gyro meat flavorful and super tender.

Adrick C.

Nice people, delicious food. The standard sizes are quite large, don't go up unless you're REALLY hungry or sharing.

Samantha B.

I really wanted to love this place. I absolutely love Greek food so decided to do a pickup order. For some reason my card wasn't working when placing an online order so had to use my husbands card. After I ordered I got a call they were out of hummus! I am still bummed I didn't get to try the hummus and wouldn't have gotten the gyro platter if I knew that as the other side options for the platter wasn't very appealing. Ended up with the salad and fries. The Greek salad was super disappointing. I expected a vinegar based salad dressing but instead tasted...nothing. It was like it was a salad dressing that wasn't shaken up or just had no flavor. I love salads so it was a shame I had to waste it. The gyro was ok but had very little tzatziki sauce so it ended up being a lot of good gyro meat with soggy lettuce. It just really needed that sauce or cheese in the gyro to keep it from being dry. The dolmas were really good though and the gyro meat itself was tasty and the fries were fresh and hot.

Raeann Richards

Excellent small place, nothing fancy. A few tables if you want to eat there. Delicious food, which they give you amble portions. Are there and then took a box home for lunch. Everything was great.

Cody K.

I've been to this location many times and always have a great experience. The service and people are kind, the food is great, and although the location is small it seemed relatively clean. The gyros are large and filled with meat; the pitas is soft; the tzatziki is great and overall one of my favorite gyros. I've also had the hummus which was great but they didnt give enough bread. The grape leaf's I I didnt much care for but that's just my preference and not a knock on them. Allso, the chicken shawarma was good when I wasnt biting into what tasted like skin (I'm weird and hate fat/skin). Overall everytime I've been there it's a great experience and I always end up full to the brim based on the large portions. You'll find this place by a subway and gas station so make sure to keep your eyes peeled.

Mája Alic

The food was absolutely delicious, the hummus is the best that I’ve ever had. The portions were very large, I have enough leftover for dinner. We live about 3 hours away but I will definitely make a trip back.

Christy Faulkner

Placed an online order and when I went to pick it up it was super busy inside. There were only two workers and they were doing their best to keep up with walk-ins, online orders and delivery orders. The food was amazing and will definitely be getting food here again. They did a great job! Highly recommend!

chris Ihle

Great food and friendly staff! I placed an online order at Milya's for the first time on 4/23/21. The order was put in for a 7pm pickup. I arrived and the staff was running behind. They were doing their best to accommodate the customers despite them being clearly upset with the delays. It did take until 7:30 for my order to be ready, but it was definitely worth the wait. I will be back and commend the staff (of 2) for trying to manage the orders on what seemed to be a busy Friday evening. Recommend checking it out!

Azo Azo

Thank you mr bahaa for the great service

Houston Watson

What a pleasant surprise! It may be small in size and unassuming in appearance, but Milya's has great tasting food in large portions for a very reasonable price. I ordered the Gyro Platter with rice and fries and had to get a to-go box. The food was hot and fresh and did not take long to come out. Owners/workers were very nice too. If you enjoy mediterranean food, you will enjoy this restaurant, and I highly recommend giving them a try.

Dale Yu

WOW. great food, and huge portions. We ordered a Gyro salad - got a decent sized salad, then topped with THREE tong-fuls of gyro meat. it was actually more meat than I could eat for lunch! Definitely can't say you don't get your money's worth. The guys here are always friendly, and I like being able to see back into the kitchen and watch them prepare my food to order. Would definitely go back

L Go

Absolutely amazing!!!! The flavors are beyond description! Tasty tasty tasty! Dined in and had to order again to take home!MUST TRY!

Matthew Heinrich

OMG! Amazing! Very friendly owners and workers. The food was fast and very large portions. We decided to eat outside, one worker came out and cleaned the table off for us which was very nice! We just happened upon this place when we Googled gyros nearby, and we WILL BE BACK!

Andice yancey

Do not eat here. Ordered a vegetarian platter with garlic and hot sauce. Asked to substitute the falafel for tabouleh. She hesitated and I stated it was fine if she couldn’t but she said she would I get to the car and open my box. Pretty sure I didn’t see any tabouleh. Went back in and she stated it was on the salad. Got Home no tabouleh, found a hair on my grape leaves. Greek salad was brown, tomatos and cucumbers were soggy and wilted. Asked for hot sauce didn’t receive that either. Called and all she could offer was a replacement meal. I should have been offered a refund.

Demetrius Muldrow

Very good food. Im very picky about my gyro. They sure hit the spot. Thanks service was speed and they were nice

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