Papa John's Pizza

5330 Dixie Hwy, Fairfield
(513) 858-7272

Recent Reviews

petes sake

I got a Perfect pizza this time yeah and it was hot, fresh, delivered fast and tasted great.

Steve Roberts

I've ordered here a couple times in the past couple months. LOL Be prepared to wait a couple hours for your food and not get ahold of anyone....every single time

Andrea M Phillips

We're trying here at Fairfield Papa John's. I promise every one of our customers, we are trying very hard. I know some of you have had a terrible experience. I want to invite you back, to give us another chance. The management staff here has been working non-stop due to understaffing. Not an excuse for poor quality or customer service. I hope you will give us another chance

Lori Adkins McFarland

Don't order tonight if you want a pizza. places order at 730, said it would be 2 hours. my daughter wanted it so we agreed to wait. Called at 10pm to check status and they said at least another hour! Poor customer service from the Fairfield store.

G Miles

Well I can tell you that the food is always hot and the manager Andrea was really nice to ne Fairfield papa johns rocks keep up the good work Andrea and crew

Zachary King

Ordered. Charged me. Get there to pick up tells me there closed and I should get my money back in 5 days. I don’t believe them. Also the manager was tweaking on something.


Do not order from this location. I was called, but the call went to voicemail because it didn’t recognize it. When I called back, the girl who answer the phone was unbelievably rude and then hung up on me after telling me my order was canceled. The manager was there because after I called back asking why the tracker stated my order was being prepared, the girl who answer the phone asked her manager about my order and said yes your order has been cancelled have a nice day and hung up again. Th staff & manager on 7/28/2021 was completely unprofessional and the fact the manager didn’t even bother to get on the phone and at least apologize for waiting almost 30 minutes to call about my cancellation is unacceptable.

Vondale Partin

I ordered online (first time) a pizza, a 2 liter coke and a chocolate chip cookie today. All that was delivered was the pizza. I paid nearly $40 for this order. Ridiculously expensive. When the delivery came, nobody rang my door bell as I requested and I have not been able to get a response from Papa John’s or the rest of my order. I used to order weekly from Papa John’s but I quit ordering because the orders always came to me wrong. I gave online ordering today a shot and I’m thoroughly even more disgusted. This will be the last time ever to order. I want my money back.

Mark Hall

GOOD CHEESESTICKS...Management was in charge..Great Job

Sean Machado

On a Friday my wife ordered pizza from papa John's. I was just told "there are two orders to pick up."I go in, tell the young girl (maybe 20 years old), she rings it up. (After forcing me to repeat myself 2-3 times because she has earbuds in.I ask her "there were two orders, is this everything?"She said "yes."I go home, find out I'm missing a pizza and sauces already paid for.I go back, tell her, get the pizza, no sauces. I ask about a credit. I was told we had "points" for ordering pizza.I said "no, for my trouble of needing to come back."She claimed my wife already called and it's on file. I ask her to verify. She punches keys on cash register and says "yep, it's in there."I call my wife, she had not called, no credit waiting on file.She called back.Next day I go back for pizza. I tried to call to find out amount of credit. I waited on hold for 15 mins. Hung up, called back waited on hold, kept ringing. Finally 30+ minutes of being on hold I went to the store and ordered.Same rep working. I asked about credit. She put in an order and tried to charge full price, claiming $33 was correct for 2 credited pizzas plus 1 extra.She tried again: price became $9.00 after credit actually applied.

Kuan Tran

Terrible customer service. I order lg the work pizza on line and take home is Hawaii pizza try to call the store wait for 30 min on the phone never get answer with my wrong order. I don’t understand understand that


I placed an order for pick up via uber eats.I ordered gluten free crust.When I arrived to pick up my order, the gentleman informed he could not fulfill my order. Saying "I dont have the right dough."I then asked if he could refund me. I explained the ubereats showed my order was ready. He stated he "didnt know how to work ubereats" and "didnt know who to call" before walking away.He refused to help me.

Jenn K

This location must have new managers or something because they've definitely stepped their game up over the last month or so!

Leksi Hansbauer

Absolutely unacceptable customer service. Placed my order two hours ago. Said it would be delivered within 11 - 30 minutes. Hour goes by we call to see where our food is at and the guy just responded “it’s on its way” and hung up the phone. Another hour goes by we call again asking where our food is. They delivered it to the wrong house, and there’s nothing they can do about it. What the hell???? Didn’t offer a refund, didn’t offer to deliver a new pizza. Basically said sorry about our luck. I have a child to feed. And on top of that the guy who answered the phone had the audacity to yell at me over their mistake? Also wouldn’t let us speak to a manager.

Stacey Ford

If I could give zero stars I would.Placed order online and it was nearly an hour later than promised. When it did arrive it was delivered by doordash who didn't follow instructions and made us meet her out by the street. A 2 liter and a couple sauces were missing from the order. When I tried to call the number provided on the tracking page, thinking she just forgot to hand it to us, she picked up and hung up. I went back and started to pass out pizza to the family and it was cold. Nothing was more than luke warm in temp. I called up to the store to see what they could do and spoke to a shift lead/manager named Austin. I told him about everything that was missing and that everything was cold and how it had been late. He asked for my delivery address and I gave it to him. While he was pulling up my order I made a comment about not knowing they now used doordash for delivery and explained I hadn't had a good experience. His response to me was that it is their policy now and I should feel free to order from somewhere else from now on. WOW. I'm sure it was obvious I was irritated in my voice but I never raised my voice or spoke out of turn. Not once in the entire interaction was I even offered an apology. I asked for his name at that point and he provided. I told him that I would be contacting someone and his rude tone continued as he rushed me off the phone. I told him I felt he was being sh*tty and he said "No I'm not, goodbye ma'am" in the same condescending tone. Yes, I could have and should have chosen a different word but he was not empathetic in the least, never apologized for so many inconveniences, and was quite rude from the moment he got on the phone. I will take your advice Austin, we won't order from Papa Johns ever again. You have lost a long time customer over this one. It absolutely floors me that companies choose to promote people to be the face of their brand with zero customer service skills. I didn't need a free meal. Just a hot one and what I paid for.

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