Taqueria Mercado

6507 Dixie Hwy, Fairfield
(513) 942-4943

Recent Reviews

Josh G.

Best retried beans I have ever had at a local Mexican restaurant. They actually seemed like they were made in house and not unceremoniously dumped out of a can like most places. The burrito Mercado with chorizo was my choice, and I was not disappointed. Very good!


This is supposed to.be a medium well ribeye. Save your money. Smh. I would recommend a dog eat at this place. Waiters rude and nasty. Food disgusting!

Scott Temple

Food was excellent. Tacos are out of of this world. Authentic Mexican food. Ceviche is amazing. The Pastor was tremendous.

Aneetra Rogers

This place is a joke they need new servers that’s don’t have attitudes. This place was full of nets we had to keep swatting fleas away while we ate dinner. I will never come back here this place is a joke. The server messed up my order and got mad at us because I let her no it was messed up and instead of her willing to fix it she got mad at us then she went and got the cook as if he was gonna check us for their mess up.


We go several times a year. We kinda giggle under our breath that we are the only "gringos" there. They come immediately to your table to get your drink order. There is also wine and beer available. The menu is quiet extensive I recommend the Nachos Fajita is so big and greatest flavor ever. Then we take a short trip to the other end of the strip mall to the Mexican store and bakery. It is so full of sweets and chorizos which are my favorite.


Had excellent grilled fish salad and added jalapeños and cilantro. Super easy to order online and pay/pickup in person (skip door dash - they charge the customer and the restaurant ridiculous fees).

Dennis Arias

This was my first time coming here. The staff was super friendly. The food was amazing. I got the Parillada for 2 for my wife and I and my mom got the mixed fajitas. We all loved the food. The frozen margarita was also wonderful. I'd definitely come back here again. Total top notch food and service.

Kyle G

The margaritas are delicious and strong. My favorite dish is the Cuban Torta. Delicious.

Debbie Lowe

My kids stood in line and hosts refused to wait on them. She walked around them to wait on the customers that came in after them. This was done twice. Customer service needs to be more fair and friendly, Would not recommend this restaurant ?

Jenise G

I stood at the register to order for over 5mins. One waitress bumped into my arm and still didn’t acknowledge me as a patron, let alone apologize for being rude. She and three other restaurant employees walked by and never greeted my group. When another group later walked in behind me they must have looked like paying customers because they were greeted. I’m willing to wait for good food but I’m not willing to be disrespected. I haven’t eaten here and will not.Not that I’ll be back, because I won’t but they should really consider hiring a host and getting their servers some basic training.

Lucy Marlatt

I love tamales and if you do too this is where you want to eat them. We went there for lunch and were lucky we got there early because it got packed with customers quickly. Delicious Mexican food!!!

Cody K.

This was the first date my girlfriend and myself went on. She had never had Mexican so I wanted to take her somewhere authentic that would let her try real Mexican food. I had been here a few times before that and had always enjoyed it and we did as well but I think we both were less focused on food at that time... anyways, back to the food; the food is great but inconsistent. You pay extra for the chips but sometimes they come out stale and cold and other times they're warm and fresh. I enjoy the salasa. The main dishes such as the burrito is filling and great. The fish is good. The tacos are good with many options that arent at most places. Overall great but inconsistent as just like the chips, the small lunch burrito has been both great and then other times filled with almost all fat. Want to get off the beaten path? Go here. Also stop at the bakery which is awesome and the little Mexican store. Not sure if they have a yelp but 5* to both.

Krista House

Very good authentic Mexican food. If you haven’t tried them, you need to. It’s delicious. I usually don’t know what I’m ordering but it’s always good.

Mike Katchmar

Soooo good. Fast service, fair prices, amazing tacos. Wish we lived closer. We always stop here when we are around Jungle Jim's or other stops within a few miles. Don't miss this gem!

Danielle Lesch

Authentic Mexican food with a Mexican bakery right next door. We were a party of 3. Ordered: chips, salsa, guacamole, taco with beef, steak burrito, and chicken with mole. Service was quick, good sized portions, decent price.

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