White Castle

5590 Dixie Hwy, Fairfield
(800) 843-2728

Recent Reviews

Joe Hirn

3 dbl cheese burgers.. awesome!

Que Johnson

Service was so good I thought I was at Chick-fil-A

Cynthia Terry

White Castle has been around I think as long as I've been on this Earth some seventy years. Primarily I get fish I cannot tolerate the hamburgers but lots of people love them.

George Henderson

Been twice lately and both times ask for extra pickles and didn't get them don't understand why I got one per burger.. come on folks..

Natosha C

Late night the only one open food was made as ordered the staff were nice but fries were not great

John Watson

They were really quick and I had an odd order lol but everything was correct.

Jeffery Gilmore

Very unique taste like no other.


The 1921 burger is something new and different I tried from white castle. It has a classic burger taste overall I believe it needs condiments. Make sure u for ketchup mustard etc when ordering! Other than that good service longer than typical drive thru times.

Brenton M.

I simply called to ask if they were open the call wasn't answered three times which is totally fine but when a man did answer he responded with "YES WE ARE OPEN AND WE ARE VERY BUSY RIGHT NOW BYE" before I could even say anything and he hung up on me. I'm not even going to make the five minute drive there cause I know the service isn't worth waiting through "The Very Busy" Time.

Ryan, The Jack Ace

Long line but moved quick and order was hot and accurate.

Andrea Frey

White Castle is always great. Be it 3am after a night out? or in the afternoon cravings

Jason Beckman

Always good food especially after midnight.


I missed being able to eat inside and was happy I could do that again. You have to consume White Castle's really fast since it doesn't taste nearly as good if not super fresh! That's why being able to sit down and knock them out is kind of an iconic thing.

Vicki Karr

This is the worst White Castle I have ever been to. They are extremely slow. This was before COVID, so it isn't because they are short staffed. There were two cars in front of me Sunday. I hit the drive thru at around 4:30, not really dinner time for most. It took a total of 30 minutes to get my food. I thought I would just pull out of the line and leave after 20 minutes. I probably should have. My meal was lukewarm when I get home. This is not the first time this has happened. I have never been there when it wasn't slow.

Timothy Neighbors

They didnt put in my daughters fudged dipped cheesecake again

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