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Jacob Nau

Took my Stihl 660 here to see if they could replace the crankshaft bearings that were leaking. Explained that I only needed those replaced and no other work done. Told me they would call with an estimate in a few days.They end up calling my wife's phone number? I call them back the next day to see if there is an update (none) and give them my phone number. Two weeks go by and I hadn't heard a word. I finally go in to have my saw returned and find that the estimate was ready but no one had called me to confirm the work.Won't be making the mistake of coming here again.

Nathan Holycross

the owner better call me!! spend money in shop and hardly fix anything!! mower is now worse than it was! and since they power washed it bearings going bad!! no good mechanics only parts throwers!! uneducated can not even put it on a battery charger!! Now i know what burnt my starter up!! and to think im uneducated about mowers and operations!! ridiculous

Frank Short

They were very professional a great experience thank you great help at the service desk ?

Carolyn Baughan

The staff was very attentive and helpful. Had a wide range of stock. Had a clean and upkept appearance.

Tim Herr

They were very helpful with getting me a replacement part for my strong trimmer.

jay scott

Parts dept, very friendly and very helpful. Good experience 06/09/'21

Ryan Day

Extremely easy to deal with and very good on pricing.

Gregg Bly

Everytime I come here ,they NEVER have the parts I need in stock. Even if their website says it is. ?

Paula H.

So my husband and I stopped in today at Ag-Pro in Hilliard. We have purchased a new home that has a significant amount of property. We are actively trying to find the right tractor or zero turn for ourselves and need to purchase soon. We were set upon by a young guy who did not introduce himself and did not have a name badge on. After my husband explained our situation and asked a couple of questions, I started to ask a question and was cut off because it was more important that he talk than it was for me to finish my thought. When he had finally stopped rambling I asked my question about hitch and accessories and he looked at and answered my husband. Needless to say my husband looked at this piss-ant of a kid with pity because we would never purchase from a company that can't even listen to their customers or show some iota of customer service.

Chris 318

Nice place and staff.

Dan morris

Very helpful and got my parts in quick

jim ball

Awesome place to spend all your money that's what I do LOL

George Mayfield

1st time experience parts counter was great

J. M. Schneider

Good place for Generator part & repair.

Mike Bricker

Very nice place people there are awesome need service work talk to cam anything else talk to haleigh or matt 2 awesome people

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