Boulevard Grill

3708 Fishinger Blvd, Hilliard
(614) 363-4041

Recent Reviews

J Carder (Mr Manager)

Good place great food you’ll love it

J Carder

Good place great food you’ll love it

Amara Williams

Fun place. Can book parties also

Richard Recupero

Great time. Food and fun.

Tall Giraffe

Smaller portions but great tasting food. Friendly staff

Kortney Harper

Honestly not a place i wanna take my 5 and 3 year old again. I cant jump with them and they were allowed jump with me. Being a young mother I love doing active things together but they dont allow that. Definitely will be going to sky zone next time.

john white

Was good would go again

Natasha Wright

Its ok

Mike Tumeo

This is connected with (get air trampoline house) prices are a little on the high side for what you get. They do not even have Wi-Fi when ask I was told to get it from an neighboring restaurant.

efe akarkarasu

Phenomenal service, our server was very responsive. Our food and our drinks were absolutely on point...

Mo Ref

Smaller portions but great tasting food. Friendly staff

Lena Gibson

Great atmosphere and food!

Bonnie Henry

Great dining experience

Crystal Perry

I went to order food and they were out of half of the menu. And out of certain pop flavors. Waited 30 mins for a grilled cheese. The only person working the front kept going in the back for 15 mins at a time. Not worth the price or wait at all.

John H.

Went to pick up lunch and I was in a hurry. I waited a sufficient period of time at the counter but no one came. I called out and no one came. I called the number on the menu, phone rang (I could hear it in the store) but no one came. I called out louder and some gruff guy showed up. I told him what happened and was shown the store phone & told I didn't call the phone rang again and this guy says: see it works. I was offended and said never mind and turned to leave and another employee said loudly: don't be an asshole. Don't go here. These guys don't understand that customers pay their salary and need to go out of business. I'll be telling everyone at work so they'll never come here.

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