Chipotle Mexican Grill

1835 Hilliard Rome Rd, Hilliard
(614) 921-8206

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Samar Altyar

Why do you give the option for portion size if you won’t follow it??When asked for something extra or light they never follow it!!!!! My dish looked like swimming pool with all that sour cream!!!!

Ahmed Ali

Not allways open some times digital orders only

Asia Michael

Lily as she called herself the manager, refused to give her full name and actual name, she said “everyone calls me lily” VERY unprofessional. She REFUSED to serve me over the phone when their APP AND ONLINE services did not work. After speaking with customer care, they informed to call the restaurant directly due to the issue with online ordering. It takes 2-3 minutes max to take an order. As a manager myself in customer service, that is not how you should handle any situation. No manager should handle a situation with attitude and like a 15 year old. If she wasn’t lazy and a good manager she would have taken care of this situation, and handled professionally, but obviously she does not know how to be professional. Also she reminded me that they are closing and if I was going to do it to, to do quickly. AFTER I had just TOLD her that nothing was working online. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE customer care. She does not deserve to be a manager and I do not know how she was promoted with ABSOLUTELY NO customer service skills. Pathetic. To be a manager you she should at least have the skill to respond when your store is in the wrong, but once again she wanted to be lazy and say no instead of showing good customer service and the best part is she hung up on me! Chipotle needs to do better with their management. Management is what keeps businesses going and having someone like her does nothing but hurt it!

Tee B.

They really do deserve the 2 stars. I haven't even been there in a while because service has been so bad for so long. Tonight, the server threw onions and peppers into the wrong bowl and I said some thing. Instead of making a new bowl, she dug her hands into my bowl and tried to pick the peppers out. Once she couldn't get the peppers out she threw more chicken over top of it and then asked me if that's OK? LOL not even close. This place has consistently been poorly managed for 2 to 3 years. This is a mgmt problem.

Matthew Luc

Worst chipotle experience I have ever had. Ordered two sofritas burrito bowls and informed them that I am vegan. It came with a giant piece of steak on top. No apology whatsoever. Opened the replacement only to also have steak on top. I walked in instead after being given beef twice and was met by very rude service manager named Randall who laughed at my concerns and didn’t even offer me my money back or apologize. Kept walking toward me despite me backing away, so strange. To my vegan friends chipotle is not a safe option. I used to to go to chipotle multiple times per week but will never ever be back. I spent 20 on food I couldn’t eat. The kitchen was one of the nastiest I have ever seen. I’m so disgusted on so many levels.

Austin Ott

Never really liked this location very much. I would go out of my way to go across town to the other location.….BUT….In the last few months sense reopening the world this location seems to be the better of the 2. It also helps when in a rush to have the option of doing a mobile order pick up DRIVE-THRU.Really loving this for Chipotle something that I know everyone has thought of for years while standing in line ( probably hours of lost time if you eat Chipotle like I do).

Julie Fitz

Management needs to revisit employee training, especially with regards to cleanliness. There were ingredients slopped all over the counter and the employee placed the bowl they were making for me directly in a spill of sour cream. Food quality was much poorer than I remember for Chipotle. Will not be returning.

Christopher Titus

Although I Look forward to my Lunch's @ Chipotle - this particular locations consistency is off the chart. I never know what I am going to get when I come to this location and seems like the A teams work on the weekends but during the week the attention of detail is less. Its a bummer - I know the store is high volume but thats no excuse as theres 2 separate lines. one for guests and another for carryout.

Ashley Conboy

Just had a manager yell at me when I called to ask why they were Mobile order only… there were people inside eating including staff members and the staff were doing nothing….to me it sounded like they just wanted to close the store early. He claims he doesn’t have enough people but from personal experience at the end of a night 4 people is enough to take one family that asks to come and get food to go inside. I’ve had problems with this store charging me extra for a half a scoop of rice and beans, I even had a lady say rude comments to me while I was pregnant about the amount of stuff I wanted in my bowl. This restaurant is so unprofessional and after tonight I’ll be telling everyone not to go here. I would never treat a guest like this and would never be lazy enough to close a store early unless their was an emergency. We are done going here we will drive to Dublin. They are awesome, kind and not judgmental.

Kimberly Z.

I created a Yelp just to leave a review for this Chipotle because the order was so bad. Every single bowl was incorrect in some way, cold, and inedible. It's like they mixed together the different ingredients for each of our bowls and then just drowned them in sour cream to hide the fact that everything was thrown together. We ordered a quesadilla and received three cold tacos with chicken and cheese. When we called the store to let the manager know, he was indifferent and flippant. This isn't the first time we've had an issue with this location but it's by far the worst.

badr tourtit

This place is the Worst place to go to it’s always I go there at 9 and doors are closed I wanted to order online it says order is not available that’s why bethel rd chipotle best one they close inside at 10

Dustin C.

I now see why this is a two star rated chipotle. Store was closed to public before hours and after knocking an employee finally came out and told me it was online order only. Best part was the sign on the door stating a mask mandate yet not a single employee was wearing masks or gloves that I could see while making orders on the line. Highly recommend going elsewhere.

Sam C Media (SamTechFilms)

Food was great, very annoying it's mobile ordering only, I ordered once I was in the restaurant and it took them like 40 minutes to get my food. They did give me a free drink tho so not the end of the world

Sammyrose Lawrence

Just stopped in to order food and use the restoom as we were passing through. Super friendly staff, ample food portions, and clean bathroom!

Christopher Chubb

If you're thinking about delivery with door dash, don't! We ordered food for the entire business, and got the completely wrong order, and not enough for everyone to even eat by far, when calling back we were told they would refund our money, but would not make a new order and send it back out! I'm like really????? You don't care to at least do something to keep our business? So, ...I guess we're ordering food from somewhere else instead. While I appreciate the refunding of our money, I don't understand the basic premise of not wanting our business, which in effect when you fail at customer service, is what you are telling the people who frequent your establishment? Such a shame! And a poor business model in this day and age.

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