Crazy Burrito

4081 Trueman Blvd, Hilliard
(614) 876-1271

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Janette Tirakis

I wish I could give 6 stars for this place. Food was absolutely delicious, so good we thought about getting it again the next day. The service was just as great. The waiters and waitresses are like a big family- helping each other out throughout your whole experience. If that wasn’t a good enough excuse to go- the atmosphere is awesome. Very friendly and inviting, and decor is also very fun.

Mr Noitall

Good food, good service and the prices were pretty good too ?

Judy Miller

Received wrong item and was charged for it anyway. Even after asking 3 different people to take off the bill, they only offered to give me a replacement item. Went home and 2 out of three of us had bowel issues within a half hour. Will not eat there again.

Blaine T.

It started as soon as we pulled up. Parking lot was tore up, hard to navigate to the front of the restaurant, junky old relics outside, some nasty car parked out front taking up prime parking, water fountain that looked like a knock off, front rotating door is taped off with trash bags says being worked on which means it's not and didnt appear to be, restaurant looked extremely aged and tired and bland, the bar is laid out very strange and compact. Our table had a giant light that was blinding right in our face, as did other booths and the lights in the ceiling were all out. Waited about 10 minutes before the hostess waited us. Got a large margarita which was awful and the food was very subpar and over priced and I only saw 2 employees the whole night, the music was awful and sounded as much and the tvs all had very random shows on, like nobody was paying attention to what was on. All in all a really bad experience, and we won't be returning


My wife and I have been wanting to try crazy burrito for a long time. We were both very disappointed! Mexican food is my favorite. We will never come back here again unfortunately, there lacking flavor in there rice, sales and even there fajitas. It taste like there putting cinnamon in there refried beans. I also tried there strawberry margarita it was overwhelming with the strawberry mix it was like drinking thick mix right out of the bottle. I'm sorry we were disappointed.

Christian B.

Worst service and food I've had in a long time. Only 4 tables in the entire restaurant, took 21 minutes to even take drink order ( had 3 servers sitting at a table just laughing ) and the food took 52 minutes and was extremely cold. I highly don't recommend wasting your money here. 100% don't waste your money on a marg, it's syrup, some nasty mix, and my guess water ?

Tyler Keeley

The food was really good, but unfortunately the service was poor. Everyone was really kind, but it took a long time for a server to come and take our order and when we were done, no one ever came to give us the check. We think our server was also cooking and that is why he never came back to check on us or do any of the normal waiter services. I really feel for restaurants right now as staffing is such an issue.

Shara Dillon

The hostess and wait staff were friendly, but none of us really enjoyed our food. The refried beans had a hint of cinnamon that I really did not like, but the guacamole was pretty good. Overpriced for what we got, we wanted to try it but will not go again.

Dana T.

The food is bland, overpriced, and honestly...just very bad. I also ordered a mango margarita on the rocks and was met with a shot of tequila and some interesting combination of margarita mix and canned mango...syrup? Go anywhere else in the area - this is a waste of money.

Maria Guzman

The location and ambiance is nice. However, food wise, it is not my first pick. The chips were stale, the margarita was too sweet to even drink and the food was mediocre.

Jhamari Hogan

This place had really good food and on top of that the customer service was really great. We had several hostesses, waiters and others who when walking past our table asked if we need anything or if they could do anything for us at that moment. Great customer service.I got the crazy burrito and it was good as well. A little pricey but definitely overall a good buy.

Tawnya B.

Ordered our drinks they came out I ordered sprite and my husband ordered Dr. Pepper. The sprite was not mixed right. Try to explain to the waitress what was wrong with my drink not sure that she understood what I was saying. Passed my cup off to someone else speaking Spanish. Our waitress walked by our table at least 4 times did not say a word about getting another drink or if they were working on the machine it will be a minute. Finally husband said something to the bartender his response was "oh ya!" Waited a few more minutes then asked a young girl if she would just get me a water with lemon. The bartender Finally came back with a new sprite nope still not right handed it back. Explained to him the young girl was getting me a water with lemon. My water came out from another girl with one lemon asked her for more lemon she had no idea what I asked for smiled and walked away. When I received a refill the next young girl brought me extra lemon I will say i got the crazy burrito and it was good. The service not so good.

Rick Brown

Great food. Be sure to check the specials on the chalk boards in the lobby! I asked if they had a list of those in addition to the menu but they did not. My Crazy Ribs were perfectly cooked. My partner did not get informed they were out of scallops they just didn't include them in the dish she ordered. Other than that one small misfire everything else was good.

Terrie Copas

Love the ice cold beer specials. Good food.

Danielle Adams

Nice outdoor patio. Friendly service, but slow (understaffed?). Food (I got shrimp tacos, he got a chicken chimichanga)was just ok.

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