Habaneros Fresh Mexican Grill

3650 Main St, Hilliard
(614) 850-7255

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Melissa Himes

We catered Habeneros for my son’s graduation party yesterday. Everything was amazing! The portions were large and we have plenty leftover! We’ll definitely be ordering again for our next event!

Mary Ann Bickerstaff

Ordered by phone and only received half my order. Called the restaurant and was placed on hold for over 30 minutes.The phone wasn’t hung up it was placed on the counter so I was able to hear all the conversations in the restaurant for over 30 minutes. Manager finally came on and apologized but my kids were wondering where their food was. This is not the first time this has happened with this restaurant. They might have decent food but their service is deplorable. Will never order anything from this restaurant again. I know that management doesn’t care,I’m just a customer who wasn’t happy with their experience,but this place SUCKS

Eric Shalosky

Habaneros is a hidden gem of Mexican restaurants. I often go on Tuesdays for their deals, $1 al pastor tacos is such a great deal and the house margaritas are very good. They don't cheap on the booze either, you will leave with a nice buzz from one margarita. We have not had a single taco that we don't love, the Al pastor tacos are my number one taco in central Ohio.

Eugene E Fields

It Was Great Fast Service and Friendly


I've only been here once and I can't wait to go back. Very laid back, they have a counter you walk up and order at and then you just sit wherever to eat. If you sit at the bar which I did you can actually just order there and they bring you your food which was cool. I had the shrimp tacos and they were awesome. Super fresh, crunchy and a good sauce. I really loved how fresh the corn tortillas were, too. They have both red and green salsas available to use which is a huge plus for me because I love sauces. I really want to try their tortas and on weekends they serve tamales and pozole which I want to try also. Good margarita and very friendly bartender. Highly recommend!


Been eating here for years and the quality of the food never changes. The tacos are amazing and so are the bowl options. One of the best restaurants around hilliard!

Timothy Nail

Great food. Great service. Just like a Chipotle but most definitely way better and reasonably priced.Bar is great with a wide selection. Decent amount of seating. Will be back for sure

Adena Gwirtz

Very friendly environment. Yes the food is fresh and these are real street tacos, not your taco bell mexican impersonators. Clean and well organized.

Matt DeGoey

Overall the food here is very good, but the staff is incredibly unorganized for takeout orders, either ones placed over the phone or through their own website. On multiple occasions something about our order has been messed up, and my trip there this evening found them not even aware my order came in via their own website. Upon arriving home with my order an entire item was missing. I called them and they already knew and seemed to indicate it was there waiting for me. Asked for a refund but apparently their iPad isn't charged enough. The call disconnected, I called back, was told the same thing about the iPad not being charged, at which point I told them to forget it.

chuck blanchard

Really good street tacos, price was good for tacos . I will have to go back for more.

Aaditi Anjankar

Quick Mexican street food place!Had chimichanga, quesadillas, tacos and my favorite was fish and Shrimp tacos!The sauce was very flavorful with freshness of veggies and delicious fish and Shrimp.Also the best Long Island iced tea!!Lively place even at midnight!Would love to visit again!

g aficionado Vibe king

I stop by after work through out the week and Sunday’s. I love this bar & restruant combination the service is great. The bartenders Vania & Liz create/make a comfortable vibe and strong Texas Margaritas.


Good food, authentic flavors but the girls that work the line could use some manners. Last few times have been very rude. This time they forgot chicken in the chicken quesadilla, instead of remaking it correctly, they handed me a portion cup of chicken. As if the .50 tortilla was too much to redo.Clean. Welcoming environment. Great horchata.Ya win some you lose some.

Scott Childress

I like the giant burritos you get here. I've had them doordash several times. Last time they were missing the burrito in the bag from my order despite it being on the receipt on the sealed bag. Things happen but thats the 2nd time in the last 6 months.

Josh Smitley

Had a takeout order and stood in front of it for a half hour not knowing it was done and getting nice and cold without any workers notifying me. Poor customer service, the Dublin location has been a much better experience. It would of been nice to get offered a refund or at least made fresh tacos after but couldn't even get that. I wont be back to this location due to the staffs attitude and it seems like some other people are picking up on the lack of customer service and negative attitudes here. I'll only go to the Dublin location now✌

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Habaneros Fresh Mexican Grill

3650 Main St, Hilliard, OH 43026
(614) 850-7255