Jimmy John's

3555 Main St, Hilliard
(614) 219-7990

Recent Reviews

Franco Kader

Horrible service and horrible quality. I grabbed a sandwich then got home and found a hair on the sandwich, also it was the wrong order. I tried to reach out to the owner and they just ignored me.

George J

Worst drive thru in Columbus period. If you want to waste an hour of your time, go try and order food hereAnd responding to the automated Jimmy Johns link for providing reviews - No. I’ve wasted enough time supporting that business. I’m not going to waste 15 more minutes filling out some garbage survey that will never be shared. Best of luck. You can find me at Jersey Mikes.

Tom Magnuson

I ordered a number 13 a Cuban sub and they gave me a tuna sub . If I wanted cat food on bread I would of ordered that

Sydney Reed

I normally never do reviews but seeing all of the bad reviews makes me so sad because I order from here weekly and it’s always amazing! I get delivery through their app and it’s always out for delivery no later than 15 minutes after I order it. the subs always have plenty of meat and toppings, and jimmy johns bread is SO GOOD. I get lots of kickin ranch on the side to dip my sub and chips in

Walid Antonios

Horrible experience this evening; the asssitant manager named Jayden went off on my and stet yelling because I pulled around since I repeated my order four times and they did not get it; then when I pulled the staff were chatting inside and they did not open the window to check my order so I knocked at the window and the manager completely went off on me because he said I am banging which I was not; then they forgot my pickle then I waited and they did not open the window to check if I need anything; then I beeped; again the assistant manager Jayden went off on me; so I told him I knocked and u went off and this is the second time I beeped and u went off; I will be calling their general manager because this is not how customers should be treated; I am regular but I don’t know if I will be back

Candace Rawlins

Would have been more stars if the kid making the sandwiches would have been more willing to change gloves after touching all over his face wiping make station down and went straight into making my order.

Christopher Picard

Called the store. I am within two miles of the store yet they can’t deliver here? Interesting. Talked to the area manager Robert swift who confirmed it. If you won’t deliver within two miles whats the point?

Erin Regan

Poorly made, forgotten toppings, too little of the toppings they did manage to put on, meat sloppily put on and falling out, asked for it to be cut in half and it wasn't, no napkins....just lazy all aroundThe big pickle on the side tasted bad/off as well

Branden Nibert

Ordered food around noon still hasn't arrived.

Michael King

Ordered at 1pm,Out for delivery at 230Arrived at 3My lunch break was long over. Nothing freaky fast here.Also delivery was disabled for multiple days this week. Time to find a new lunch.

Jacob Cameron

Drive through is the only way to order. No way to order online ahead of time.

Teresa Zenitsky

We ordered delivery a few weeks ago and it took an hour and a half longer then expected. I tried to order pick up today (pre-paid online), and spent 35 minutes in a line to get it from the drive-through (they had closed down the dining room). No apology or anything when I finally got my food. Don’t waste your time here

Cortney Troxel

This is one of the worst Jimmy John's. You can expect your order will be made wrong and missing items. Last night we were missing all our sides and all the sandwhiches were wrong. When we called the store, the employee, was so rude. When we went to get a corrected order the sandwiches were wrong again and we were met with attitude from employees. This happens almost everytime we order from this location. So dissapointing, Jimmy John's is one of my favorite restaurants until lately.

Sid Meisner

Just an all-around disaster!!! You have lost a regular 2-3 times a week Jimmy John's customer for life.

Jean Dickerson

Lost are order and waited over 45 minutes still was not delivered. Was told we just needed to come get ourselves

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