3685 W, 3685 Main St, Hilliard
(614) 876-2633

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Beth Cotterill

Only thing good about McDonald's is the French fries if you can at least get them fresh and hot.

Caroline Hudson

Drive-up was fast and above all the order perfect. Everything was great.

Erin Regan

Please learn to run the 2nd drive thru line

Andrew Wiggins

Straight trash. Save your time and money and go across the street at this point. The staff I’ve encountered here are rude and lazy. I was missing a good part of my order including sauces, napkins etc and what really did it was the no salt on the fries. Once I finally got my order situated, it was straight trash, I wouldn’t even fed it to my dog.


Incredibly disappointing meals. I have McDonalds, maybe once or twice a month give or take. I alternate between this one and the one on Cemetery Rd. At this point I'm ashamed that I even give this one a chance anymore. This McDonalds has NEVER made their fries properly they will literally hand you a stale, half-full carton, before they even think to make new. I've had it, you serve fries with every meal, pay some attention to how long they are sitting. On top of that, fill the carton up more than half way. I paid for a large, and I'm barely getting a small. Without a shadow of a doubt by the time I get half way through what little fries I have they always turn into inedible cardboard that I wouldn't even feed my dog. Firstly, as a person who manages people, the quality of work you put into taking care of your customers needs is atrocious and you should all be replaced. Secondly, as a consumer paying for a service, I will not be coming back to this McDonalds... I will drive across town to another one and enjoy a place where they actually provide their customers with what they order, at the temperature that it should be served.


No food at all? They told us we couldn't order and couldn't even order on the mobile app!? 2/10 bathroom. A filthy bathroom that I would not wish on my worst enemy. Disgusting.

Jen B

Every once in awhile I have to have McDonald's fries (really like once every 3 to 4 months!)! They're so good!

Chuck D.

Curbside pickup was a total disaster this morning at this location. Food was wrong, I tried telling girl it was but she insisted it wasn't like a few times not once or twice. Smh. I got a drink with my meal & it wasn't given to me either yet was told by same girl I got one so instead of waiting for the wrong drink to be given, I left. I gave a more detailed version of events on the app feedback. Needless to say that I won't be back to this location & I'm taking a break from fast & wrong food McDonald's for the near future!


BEST. MC.DONALDS.EVER! When i go there, the line is sooo short! I absolutely love it!

Philip May

One of the best locations. Never had a problem, the staff is always seemingly nice.

Gary Stehly

Late night breakfast sandwiches.. sausage tasted like 8 hours old, biscuits barely thawed... just horribly diappointed...

Mary Castor

06/26/21. I ordered a Big Breakfast, hashbrowns and sausage mcmuffin. When I got home, there is no pancake on my big breakfast. Just sausage and an scrambled egg, syrup and butter. And I don't have time to go back.

Bae Ryan

The manager lady here is soo rude, I don’t remember her name but it started with a N. She got mad at us because she told us to move forward for our order and it took 25 mins. When we tried to go inside to get it, she yelled through the door go through drive through again. when we finally got to the window she just shrug of the whole thing and said she had no help and we needed to be more patient!


Friendly staff & faster drive thru service than most of the other McDonald's in the area. I decided to try the Ronald McDonald birthday cake... wasn't bad!

Olivia Call

Great service but y’all put my frys upside down felt personal

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